CoronaVirus or Covid-19 as it is called. What a havoc this minute virus has created; to the extent that even God has shut doors on us. Along with the closure of airports, schools, colleges, marketplaces, travel or any social events even the Temples, Gurudwaras, Churches, Mosques have barred or instructed people from visiting them. What more could we have called for?

What is it that causes such a universal scare? If we still can’t understand the source of such a disaster and still consider ourselves the doer of everything then there cannot be a bigger fool than us. We must reckon with the fact that there is a Universal force that runs the entire humanity and if He wants He can vanquish everything in a fraction of a second. So instead of just calling it a virus spread we must comprehend that there is a force behind it and human acts are the reason, which have caused it.

Nature or the eternal force keeps giving us warnings of our wrong acts but we oversee them and keep committing blunders and misuse what we have been given. There is so much hatred, competitiveness, jealousy, and avarice, one-up ship, self-centeredness amongst the human race that we have forgotten to live a life of a ideal human. We are a part of the mad rush that has made us entrapped in the material modes of ignorance and passion, taking us far away from the mode of goodness, the only one, which can help us fulfill the purpose of life; which is to have the understanding of who, what and why we are.

All that we are witnessing today is because we have stopped behaving like the most superior beings that God had created and have been behaving whimsically, bereaved of all human values; of love, empathy and compassion, having lost all family and social values and all we are busy doing is accumulating just for ourselves, without being considerate about the needs of others as well. And look at what the Supreme power ultimately had to do, to bring us back to sanity. Today the whole world is living a disciplined life, which is bereft of madness and unreasonable acts.

We must understand the ways of God; along with all other things, He even had to close doors on his devotees. The reason, there is a dearth of real devotees in today’s world, which have lost faith in them or in their inner self and are foolishly running after the mirage; which does not exists. We indulge ourselves in all kinds of fruitless religious activities, are after the self-proclaimed Godman or the Gurus, who are unaware of their own future but behave like Gods for the foolish breed. And we become so blinded by this that we become the followers of such cult, completely forgetting that everything is inside us and we can get all the answers from within without wandering in ten different directions. But alas we choose to become the part of the cattle crowd who wanders directionless, only where the master takes them.

The situation around us is a testimony of the presence of the Divine force, only that runs the whole world, and if He wants, He can annihilate the entire human race in a second. We don’t need to see the physical form of that source; it makes its presence pretty evident.

It’s time we understand that we are nobody in this entire creation. We are no one to create emypires or build palatial houses, create huge industries and be proud of them. There is only one force that does all and He just makes us a via media to fulfill His plans and all happens because He wants it to happen and the day He wants things to stop He does it with one stroke of a air. Everything comes to a standstill; the life stops, the employment stops, scarcity happen and people are forced to live in isolation.

Lets stop misusing the powers we have been enthroned upon, lets not misuse the nature’s bounty and lets not force God to take such strict measures against the human race to bring them back to sanity. We are here for a purpose; to understand God, to know our inner self, which is the presence of God, to live an ideal life where we respect all and understand the vows of others before ourselves and live like a real human which Gods wants us to be.

Few days back, all that newspapers talked about was violence, hatred, terrorist attacks, rapes, religious discourses, wherein one religion was downgraded by the other but where has all that gone. All we talk about today is coronavirus. The virus has united the whole world in terms of the thoughts, actions, and behavior. And that is what The Supreme Force wanted. So let’s learn from our mistakes that we have been committing, ask for repentance and lets pledge to become an ideal human God wants us to be and put an end to the disaster that we are witnessing and which may vanquish a substantial human race.

Mamta Sehgal.



It is the time of Navratras again, the most divine and blissful nine days where the whole atmosphere is filled with piousness and devotion. It is also the time to understand the immense power of the femineity, the power of the Maa, in her many forms.g

During Navratras, people religiously read the holy book, the Durga Stuti which in its thirteen chapters explains the advent of Maa Durga and how she kills all the asuras in order to protect the Devas. The book beautifully explains that how the extremely fearful and troubled Indra, Brahma and many more devas could not handle the atrocities put upon them by the asuras and thus had to plead for the appearance of Maa, the only one, who could destroy the extremely powerful breed of rakshasas.

When Maa comes with her various forms, she kills the dangerous asuras with utmost ease and ends their barbarity towards the devas and helps them to re-occupy their respective abodes. Reading this holy book repeatedly gives a great feeling of how a feminine power which is otherwise considered gentle and docile fights the horrifying asuras fearlessly to protect the devas.

This is about the eternal and the most powerful Divine Maa, but if we see in real life too, the so called effeminate women is the actual rescuer of the family. She with all her gentleness manages all the day to day issues of the entire family ,their emotions, their well being ,the education of her kids and all this, along with her own professional , physical & psychological issues. She is expected to be a perfect multi-tasker.

Every man, whether he is a son, a husband or a lover needs the support of a woman at different stages of his life;without which he is incomplete. Thus she has to be credited and respected for all that she does for everyone and for the society at large .But sadly ,in today’s world;considering the kind of atrocities she is facing, she is immensely ill treated.

But one should never forget that like Maa Durga, every women behind her soft appearance has the powers, which if required, can destroy anybody or anything. She can be extremely caring but if her dignity and respect is at stake then she can be awfully cruel and thus should be never be underestimated and her contributions should always be acknowledged.

Mamta Sehgal.



What is life, just a bunch of lies.

Lies which are a part of our childhood and adolescence,                                                            which everyone around us gives us.                                                                                                  The world of Barbie’s, toy trains and bedtime stories; depicting a life full of roses.

The youth is another bunch of even bigger illusions.                                                                    The unreal thoughts, feelings and inconsequential concerns.

In reality, the truth is only revealed when half the life is sealed.                                              It is then when we understand the world around us; the people, the situations and the circumstances.

And they are the ones that teach us the real lessons of life and make us truly wise .

But till then, it is too late in life.

Mamta Sehgal.



From past few days I have been contemplating that the journey so far has been truly reassuring.

There has been a lot of commotion and life has surely been thru a pandemonium; solitude somewhere and phases of lonesomeness, laughter on the other side and many moments of lightheartedness.

Life has shown many pictures and has given many relations, which has coached the theory of deception, have shown the art of betrayal, and brought forth many beings, who were totally make-believe.

People who were the real teachers, and dispensed many learning lessons.
But with various dubious characters, life has also acquainted with many angels; Souls, who have enlightened and shown the path of morality, and have led by example and integrity.
Souls who have taught humanity and forgiveness, and shown the power of love and caress.

And along with everything that is left behind, life has been extremely kind; it assisted in experiencing the real phenomenon, and attaining the awareness of the eternal information.

The light within revealed the knowledge of the Supreme, which is unknown to most of the beings. It instructed the real purpose of life, which is to attain the goal of reaching the infinite.

Mamta Sehgal.

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How very true the above saying is! Each day we wish for millions of things in our life and the same is fulfilled by God. Whatever thoughts we carry each moment of the day, God puts us in those situations and surroundings and helps us to give shape to our thoughts. If babbling and indulging in meaningless conversations is our only food for thought, then God will put us in the company of such people or in such situations so that we are able to fructify those thoughts by engrossing ourselves in senseless discussions about the most irrelevant issues in life.

On the other hand, if we wish to spend our valuable life time in relevant activities than God surely creates an environment which is conducive to do so. HE puts us in the company of such people, where we only indulge in worthwhile activities and there is no room for anything irrelevant. In short, whatever way we intend to live our life, God facilitates the same for us.

Most of us are in a habit of grieving about the endless self-created problems and situations we get into, but are unappreciative for the unlimited things that we are bequeathed with. In spite of been in good health, we feel that we are in a bad shape and pre-empt that our health is going to further deteriorate and there will be no recovery thereafter. We complain and worry about the extreme hypothetical situations in life  and God gives shape to all those thoughts; HE puts us in such conditions, makes us immobile and hence, does nothing more than fulfilling our wishes.

If we constantly think about the immobility, than HE makes us immobile, but if in spite of some major disorder we intend and try to be self-dependent, then God surely gives us the strength to be on our own.

If irrespective of possessing everything we are always complaining and are adverse to good things in life, than we will be put into situations and environment like that. But if we wish to explore different creations of God, are positive and want to lead a vibrant life than God makes sure that we experience all those things in life.

So, in reality it is purely our thoughts that are fulfilled by God and we only receive what we wish for in our life. But what is worrisome is that we only wish for wrong things and get the same. Contrary to what we contemplate, the Almighty has no hand in putting us in difficult situations and it is surely our own thoughts that bring us into such adverse circumstances.

Mamta Sehgal.



Life is a beautiful journey,which teaches us a lot of lessons .It is a real teacher which imparts knowledge which no school or institution can. In our journey, all of us experience many varied situations and tread rocky terrains and are put into path breaking situations which give us profuse lessons, but do we take all those lessons and learn from the mistakes we commit during our journey? I don’t think many of us do it. On the contrary, we keep experiencing countless bearings but take no lessons from it and thus keep growing in age by making mistakes and getting into conflicts, which leads us to the suffering.

Contrastingly, if after a certain age, we start reminiscing and learn to introspect ,there comes a stage where we do not see a need to get into arguments with anybody, don’t feel the need to respond or answer back to any bickering or give explanations for our acts and this is a big achievement in life. It is an imperative situation which helps us tread another step towards the path of realization.

When we accomplish the understanding that arguments are worthless and there is no point in proving our point to anybody, than half the battle is won. And above all this feeling of not being answerable to anyone and not having an urge to lash back is amazing and is extremely satisfying; it leaves the mind unhindered.

Few things happen when we decide not to respond to what others say. Firstly, we are not interested in the other persons dialogues and thus do not put a heed to what they say. Secondly, since we haven’t listened to anything, nothing goes in our mind, where the planning to respond to the other person happens. And, thirdly, since mind does not get into an argument mode it doesn’t get disturbed and is always at peace.

It is a beautiful situation which brings a person to an altogether different level in life, where one is out of the worthless discussions and is in an absolutely peaceful state of mind,and that truly is an achievement.

So, if we are able to overcome the urge to reply and react than we have won a big battle, because most of our problems are a result of that urge to react to people.

Mamta Sehgal

Also Published in  Inner Voice,Hindustan Times today…


When should we start becoming responsible for our acts and are totally aware of what we say and do?

There are seven stages in a human’s life-Creation or birth, Growth or childhood, Exploration or adolescence, Establishment or young adulthood, Maintenance or middle adulthood, Decline or old age and finally, Departure or death.

Around the world, as per a rough estimate, there must be about 40% humans who pass thru all the seven stages of life, but the rest just see them partially. Some witness only the first stage; they die at the time of birth. Others see only the first two stages and die in their childhood because of some birth disorders or accidents. And rest may see either three, four or five stages and may succumb to an untimely death in their adolescence, young adulthood or middle adulthood respectively and the reasons may be many; disease, freak accidents or instant or unexplained deaths.

So, it is not necessary that every human will live a complete life and will witness all stages of life. No two individuals or their lives are similar and every human leads a life which is different than the one the other human leads. Some have a smooth and comfortable life, while others keep struggling all their life and there are no valid reasons for the difference in the two lives. So no comparisons should be drawn and no questions should be asked as the truth is that each individual has to face what is written in his/her destiny. Hence, irrespective of how many years one has, all an individual needs to do is to live those years in an ideal manner, in order to accumulate good karma in this life at least.

Lucky are those who get to see all the seven stages of life and live a complete life because around the world, there are millions of people who witness a partial life and are not so fortunate to live a long, healthy, happy and a fruitful life. But out of the millions who live a complete life, how many take the benefit of such a long life? Do all of them lead a purposeful life or completely waste the opportunity which is bestowed on them?

Rightfully, when someone gets the chance to live a life in full circle, than they should take the responsibility of indulging in exemplary acts and should give special attention to their conduct. They should take a note of what they speak and do because their acts are lessons for the young and who look up to them for optimal actions. They ought to be mature enough not to indulge in anything which is unworthy. They need to live an ideal life and indulge in actions of high standards because it is only then that they will be able to fulfill the real purpose of a long life that God has bestowed on them.

Now this is a precarious situation, because as a general practice, good or bad, a human develops all the habits in his/her youth and these habits stay with the person as he/she grows in age. As a matter of fact, habits which are inculcated at a young age, if not controlled, become rigid and uncontrollable with age. There is famous saying, `Aadataan, shahadataan jaan shariraan naal’, which means that whatever habits we have in our young age, they never change and remain as it is till our old age and culminate only with our death.

Hence, it is of extreme importance that we take a note of our habits and rectify them when we are still young. We should see to it that our acts, fixations, mannerisms are ideal. We should be thoughtful of what we speak and should see to it that our words do not hurt anybody. We should also see that our conduct is not self-centered, self-focused and is not forced on others. We should not live in a superiority complex, considering others worthless and our wrong habits should not be a cause of stress for others.

We must not carry a meaningless ego and should comprehend that there is a superior power which is governing everything and nobody knows when the tables will turn and the curtains will be drawn. Hence, in case our acts are constantly creating stress for others, than we must try to change them immediately. We should be introspective and should try to improve our behavior, because if we don’t do so and keep clinging to our habits than more than anyone else we will be inflicting harm to our own self.They will become a permanent feature of our character and as we grow, their intensity will too grow.

We are able to manage with these habits in our youth, but as we grow in age and become dependent than these habits become extremely annoying and unmanageable. And then there comes a time when others’ are forced to pin-point these and it becomes a point of contention for all. We find it insulting and feel that the others are disrespectful, but in reality, that is not the case; the fact is that the degree of the wrong conduct increases so much that the others are forced to retaliate.

We are blessed with a human life for a reason; so that we get to know our real self, lead a purposeful life and understand the real purpose of our existence, which is to know the Almighty and then return to the abode of God .We can’t waste our life by living it aimlessly and engrossing ourselves in meaningless arguments and discussions and not doing anything pertinent.

However, sadly the ill habits that we develop become a part of our conduct as we grow and we start thinking that it is the right way and there is nothing wrong in our conduct and that is why there is no reason for us to change. In fact we try to force our conduct and opinions on others too and those who fail to match our levels become antipodal for us.

Sadly,this behavior takes us nowhere and we just add a bulk of bad karma in this life and face it’s consequences in this or in our next life. So, in short we waste our entire life in reckless activities.

Whatever people may say, but what people do in their old age is the reflection of what they did in their youth. If one is patient, thoughtful and considerate in the young age than they will remain the same in their old age too but if one is self-centrist, egoistic and non-considerate in his/her youth than the same behavior will be there in old-age too. And the worst is that this behavior adds to our bad karma and does not allow us to get out of the cycle of birth and death in this life and makes us liable to get a life of any one of the 84,00,000 species ;which may or may not be of a human.

So,be introspective and try and control your conduct and habits in your youth only, so that if you are blessed to reach the last stages of your life  having an ideal conduct, than you pass your old age with respect and dignity and lead a quintessential life.

Mamta Sehgal



Alike each day I left home to walk to my office, which is just five minutes away from the house. It was a sunny day and was quite warm, considering that it is just the beginning of March.

I left the society compound and was walking on the main road. The office was across the road so a divider needed to be crossed to reach the other side of the road. I usually crossed the road from the second cut at the divider, but as the heat was mind boggling, I decided to do so from the first cut only. I turned my head right to see if there was any vehicle coming ;there was one and as soon as it passed, I crossed the road and stepped on to the divider.

From there, I stepped down once again on to the road, but this time didn’t pay attention to the truck which was coming from the left. The speeding truck brush passed me and its proximity was nerve-racking. It passed like a wind and left me totally numb. I couldn’t discern what had just happened or could have happened and this realization came only after I reached the other side of the road. What an escape, I thought to myself?

I was so appalled that I kept walking and started deliberating that how on earth I escaped such an accident. I felt a presence of a force besides me, which protected me from such a fatal mishap. There was a paper-thin difference between me and the rushing truck and it would have just run over me, but the divine force held me and protected me. If it was not for this marvel, it would have surely been the end for me.

For few hours after the incidence, it still flashed in front of my eyes and gave me jitters but along with it, also gave me the beautiful feeling of experiencing the presence of the divine force by my side. I was overwhelmed to reckon with the force, which most people are never able to do all their life.

Lots of people experience such things but never acknowledge the eternal truth. But the fact is that as soon as we start believing this force, it starts showing the signs of its presence. So be blessed and increase your faith to experience such wonders and recognize the divine presence in your life.

Mamta Sehgal.