‘RELATIONSHIP’ is an important word which plays a crucial role in every human’s life. Each alphabet in this word has a meaning;R-Real,E-Endless,L-Love,A-Affection,T-Trust,I-Inclination,O-Openness,N-Nurturing,S-Sacrifice,H-Happiness,I-Involvement,P-Pure,S-Sentiments.The word RELATIONSHIP ,thus is an amalgamation of the various emotions that the alphabets in it stand for.

The day a child descends on this earth he is fated with many relationships which happen by virtue of his/her birth in a particular family. And as one grows, the number of relationships too grows and it depends entirely on an individual how well he/she takes care of them.

In olden days, people gave huge importance and respect to every relation they had. They valued each of their relations no matter whether it was a blood relation or not. People had few resources but still knew how to keep all the relationships alive in those resources.

But the present day scenario is different. In spite of having enough resources, even the closest of the relationships have become a burden which people do not want to carry with them. They are happy living their lives in isolation and do not want any interference from anyone. In fact, they try to do things which prevent others from getting closer to them and thus automatically get distanced from everybody.

Everything seems perfect till the time the train of life is running uninterrupted on the designated track, nobody is required as everything seems perfect in the self-demarcated world.

But, one thing that each one of us must never forget is that the track of life is not always smooth. Sometimes, one has to trek on the bumpy and uneven tracks too and it is in these difficult times that the feeling of isolation sinks in and one feels the need of having the dear ones around, who could share the plight one faces .This is the time when they try to look back into their life and relent, but till then, it is too late.

All the above is one side of the story. And, there is a flip side to it too. In our life, there are also some relations which are extremely difficult to handle and are a burden. No matter how much you try, they fail to understand the real feelings and always bring you to a point of stress. The harder you try to run these relations smoothly, the more the other persons make it difficult for you. And thus it is always better to take a back seat in such relations to keep oneself out of the distressed situation.

Relationships, thus should be respected and taken care off with great responsibility. Understanding the meaning of each alphabet and following it is important and should be handled with utmost regard and sincerity to keep them in good spirits. One should never forget that these emotions are given by God only to humans with a reason and it is thus sinful if we are not able to take care of these by not fulfilling our roles and duties as a human.

But sadly, these days’ sincere people who give importance to all these emotions are considered fools. No one understands their feelings, their emotions are never respected but are made fun off and thus they are always in trouble. On the contrary, the people who do not respect other’s emotions are considered perfectly fine and faultless.

Therefore, for a happy life one should try and have real &ideal relationships and should respect  and take care of them so that one doesn’t feel isolated in times of trouble and there is positivity around ,which itself is the cure of a lot of the issues of life.

Mamta Sehgal.




Life is too short and precious to be wasted and spent just like that. The sole aim of our life thus, should be to accumulate as much good karmas as we can because that is the only thing which will accompany us when we leave this world. No material things, whether it is a house, a car, our clothes & jewelry; all that we keep protecting or the money we strive to earn all our life, will go with us. The moment, the eternal soul leaves the material body, we leave everything as it is and leave this world all empty handed and never return to see what is left behind of the things we possessed and loved so much. Besides everything else, the few things that the body adorns are also burnt and what is left is only an urn full of ashes.

But one thing that we surely take with us is our goodness; which remains forever and is talked about even after our departure. Righteousness, thus, should always be a way of life for us provided it is selfless and without any expectations.

Human beings, though, have an inherent nature that the moment they indulge in an act of goodness, they start expecting acknowledgement for it. But surprisingly, on the other hand, they on their part, fail to show their gratitude to the one who is showering them with His endless blessings.

The above facts are true but one universal reality is that the acts of goodness always pay and are surely reciprocated. You may not be able to see the effects and may feel bad that your acts go unnoticed but they are not .Everything good or bad is registered in the books of the Master and He acknowledges it in His various ways.

The best acknowledgement of your kindness is when God sends good people around you who are able to see and feel your love and admiration and reciprocate it with their concern and affection. But only a firm believer of God is able to feel and observe this fact.

If we make kindness and goodness the way of our life then it surely come backs to us. May be in any form; a dear friend, an acquaintance, a good neighbor or for that matter a good domestic help. Whenever you see unexpected people helping you or having a genuine concern for you and your comfort, when you see in the eyes of others real feelings for you, you should understand that it is the God who is rewarding you for all your good acts.

And when you realize this fact it gives such a wonderful feeling of the presence of God around you and also the wonderful feeling of His concern for you. The goodness, thus, always comes back bringing an aura of positivity & cheerfulness around you which keeps you in high spirits and helps you to lead a fulfilling life.

Mamta Sehgal.


Past karmas play a very important role in deciding what social status an individual will get on his/her next birth. So, contrary to the belief, God has nothing to do with the social status one gets in life. In fact, HE never discriminates and uniformly takes care of each human being who descends on this earth and tries to fulfill their needs in accordance with their social status. There are 84,00,000 species on this earth and human being is the only species who earns for living and rest all are taken care by God.

Therefore, it is only our past karmas that decide our condition in life, but been in a good condition in one life does not promise or imply that we will be in a same state in the next life too .It is thus imperative that we are careful in our conduct in this life to be in a decent state in the next.

In the society, all around us, we see that some people are financially sound and have an access to all the luxuries in life but there are others who have to work hard all their life to make the two ends meet. I am not generalizing, but surprisingly in some cases, the ones who have everything in abundance are insecure, overprotective and become greedy. Such people fail to differentiate between the need and the greed and just want to accumulate more and more.

They are unaware of their surroundings and the plight that people with fewer resources go through. And this behavior degrades them and their complete thought process which is quite dangerous as it creates a mental block where one tends to ignore everything else and is only concerned of his/her needs, even if they are unjustified. Such an attitude in an individual also affects the family’s thought process, which too start to get into the same mould and everyone’s collective acts leads to faulty karmas.

Contrary to this, an individual with limited resources is content and at peace with what he possesses and is not greedy to acquire beyond his needs. His limitations force him to fulfill only his needs and he is truly satisfied in that.

An intelligent human being whether rich or poor, is one who is able to differentiate between his needs and the greed .He is fully satiate & thus leads an ideal life leading to good karmas and therefore never loses his chance to have an ideal life in the next life too.

Mamta Sehgal.


Few days back, a news daily featured a news which said, “Turkey & Iran lay claim to Sufi mystic poet Rumi , who is one of the world’s most beloved poet. This bid by Iran & Turkey  has exasperated Afghanistan, the country of the poet’s birth, eight centuries ago.”

As I was reading the news, I was totally bewildered .I thought, how can anyone lay a claim to an artist and fight for it. An artist, the image of the God, is a gift to the society and does not belong to a particular region or a country. An artist’s creations, whether it is the music, paintings, dance or any other art form is an expression of God. There are billions of people around the world but only a chosen few are gifted with such special qualities, which shine and enthral many all over the world.

Across the world, each human goes through the same process of birth and growing up, gets education but only few develop certain exceptional skills and shine in a particular field. They become famous poets, writers, singers, dancers or artists. They are special children of the God who are bestowed with those exceptional qualities which are generally rare.

Whatever field the artist belongs to, his work entertains and inspires people across the universe .Rumi lived eight centuries ago, but his work is famous even today. So, the works of a gifted artist is like the effulgence of God which is timeless, all pervasive and universal.

The sun shines uniformly everywhere in the world and thus no one can claim the Sun to be theirs. Similarly the works of an artist is universal and cannot be an exclusive property of a particular country or a place and belongs to everyone. As we cannot curtail the Sun’s light similarly we cannot restrict the work of an artist & his creativity and bind him in boundaries.

The events like these force me to think, where the human race is heading to. The entire world is gripped with millions of problems which need immediate attention but we keep picking up such non-issues and blow them up into a controversy or an argument, aggravating the existing grave situation.

So, let’s not kill an artist’s creativity and fame by wasteful claims and focus our energies and resources on many more important issues which need to be immediately resolved for the well being of our future generation.

Mamta Sehgal.



With each travel I indulge in, my feeling of being closer to the Master and knowledge of His miraculous creations increases.On my recent visit to Coorg and Kabini,two different tourist destinations near Mysore,I had a miraculous experience of seeing how self sustained the deep forest and all its flora and fauna are.

The forest here is thick and lush green and all the plants as well as animals create and maintain their own habitats without any human help. On our visit to the deep jungle ,we came to know that a few months back a fire had broken in the forest and had gutted a whole lot of trees and plantation but amazingly the place looked all green again, and that too in the span of just three months.

There are so many different varieties of plantations each having a unique characteristics which is probably unknown to most of the human beings except for those who dwell there. There are trees which when scratched give 50-70 litres  drinking water per tree.

The forest gets rain only for three to four months in a year which is enough to keep all the plants sparkling green all year long and feed the river in the forest,which is a source of water for all the plants as well as animals who come in groups at fixed times, drink water and return back to their habitats.

The place is famous for its coffee plantations, about which too some interesting facts were shared by the guides there. They told us that the coffee trees live for 100-150 years and one complete cycle of the coffee production takes a full complete year till the time it comes to the end-user with the help of an interesting process .

The mankind has an average life span of 80 years, even which they fail to live healthily in spite of so many amenities but the uncountable species of plants & trees live healthily for more than 100 years and keep providing the humans with so many valuable things for a negligible cost.

With each visit to such places my belief in His powers increases. I wonder how so many varieties of flora and fauna is created, how there are so many vivid colors in the sky, plants & water and how there are thousands of natural processes by which these plants grow? For instance,there was a plant where the insect enters the fruit to pollinate it and then the fruit changes its color internally and is ready for consumption.

The forest and all the species of plants, insects and animals living there are on their own without any human help and are braving the various weather conditions all on their own but still never complain and are always happy. When you observe all this closely, you get a feeling of contentment, cheerfulness and happiness. There is so much of calmness and serenity in the sound of the water, the pious wind that blows all day as well as the leaves which produce a soothing sound which no gadget in the world can produce.

If we are able to observe, nature has everything in abundance and for ages it has been giving it to the human beings with open hands. The humans, on the other hand are overprotective about the few things they possess and are highly insecure of their belongings and hesitate from sharing it with the ones in need.

The nature thus, gives us the lessons of humility and selflessness towards others by giving in abundance to all and not demanding anything in return. The cheerful plants try to ask all the humans that,“ what are you boasting off in your life when nothing belongs to you.”So,always be humble and try to be as helpful to others because that is how you fulfill the real purpose of the existence on this earth.

 Mamta Sehgal.



In BHAGAWAT GITA Krishna says, “the steadily devoted soul attains unadulterated peace because he offers the result of all his activities to Me; whereas a person who is not in union with Me & who is greedy for the fruits of his labour, becomes entangled.’’

The difference between a person in Krishna Consciousness and the one in bodily consciousness is that the former is attached to Krishna and the later to the result of his bodily activities. The person, who is attached to Krishna and works only for Him, is certainly a liberated soul and has no anxiety over the result of his works. Anxiety, only happens when one functions in the conception of duality i.e. without the real knowledge of the absolute; Krishna, the supreme Godhead.

In Krishna Consciousness, there is no duality and there is a clear understanding that all that exists is a product of His energy, which is all pervading and all good. Therefore, activities in Krishna Consciousness are on the absolute plane; they are transcendental and have no material effect & are thus highly peaceful.

It is very rare that the humans get this awareness in their lifetime but the ones who are able to get this actual realization that there is no existence beyond Krishna and HE is the real platform for love and fearlessness, attain peace.

On the other hand, one who is only engaged in mental speculations in the material world and is always engrossed in sense gratification, remains anxious and gets further entangled in his acts and leads a sinful life. Having the right consciousness and knowledge brings one to the point where there is no worry as everything is done for Krishna and is also taken care by HIM.

The real devotees of the lord are called Santas and are all always in love with God ,who is also known as Govinda (the giver of all pleasures) or Mukunda (the giver of liberation)or Krshna (the all attractive person).The real devotees are released from all kind of sins because they are sincerely devoted in all forms, by way of engaging themselves in different kind of services like sravanam, kirtanam, smarnam   and archanam and always eat food which is first offered to Krshna They also indulge in Sankirtana yajna in complete devotion and thus lead a happy & sinless life and attain eternal peace,which is not possible otherwise,i.e.on the accumulation of the material objects and various objects of comfort.

Mamta Sehgal



Life has its own strange ways and it holds true for almost all the people with the exception of few. All the people go thru different phases in their life. Till the time one is in the parent’s shadow, things are different but from the time an individual starts on his own, the struggle starts.

An individual in the young age works hard to earn well. His complete focus is on work and there is limited time for enjoyment which leads to a lot of stress in life.Then comes the phase, where the kid’s education takes most of the focus and all leisure activities are based on the kid’s timetable.

In the next stage the kids grow up, finish their education and they themselves get into the professional world. By this time, though, even the individual is able to achieve what he has been striving for in terms of profession & finances and is relatively free from the responsibilities of children and decides to take it easy in life and spend some time for one self. The phase starts when spending money is not an issue and he can plan anything he wants in order to relax and enjoy his life.

But now the parents start to get old and it is time to look after their needs, which demands a constant support system and results in the loss of freedom to plan anything. At the same time age starts to catch up with the individual too and thus the health problems begin to surface. All these issues restrict an individual’s aspiration and with each passing year of life fulfilling these aspirations becomes even more difficult.

That’s the way life is, when you have the health, vigour and the mindset to enjoy life,you neither  have  enough funds nor time for oneself and when after all the life’s struggle and hard work you are able to accumulate money as well as resources ,you get entangled in your own health and the health of your aging parents and thus loose the time to enjoy.

It is sad but true, and that is how the life of most of the human being is. The moment you decide to live your life your way and in your own terms, it becomes too late and then it is the time to say goodbye.

That is why it is so important then one should try and enjoy each moment of the life in whichever way one can, without thinking too much about the right time so that there are no regrets at a later stage of life.

Mamta Sehgal.


Recently, I was invited to be a part of the Jury for judging a film festival featuring films based on people with special needs. Coming from across the world, all the films that were showcased were based on various disabilities that people suffer from. The films talked about the people who were physically challenged or impaired, autistic, had birth defects or had various other kind of disabilities. The films showed the life of such people, their families and more so of their parents who bravely deal with the situation all through their life in spite of going through intense mental and emotional turmoil. The ordeal of the individuals and their parents was nerve wrecking.

Each film that I saw increased my gratitude towards the highest power and made me think, that how all the people who lead a normal life and who do not have to deal with such disabilities have so much to thank for in their life.

The experience also made me comprehend, that the world is full of people who all thru their life face immense sufferings but never feel disheartened. They bravely face such situations and are ready to take up any kind of challenges in their life. The film showcased some real instances where people with acute disabilities tried to do things which even a normal person does not dare to do. Thus, all the films were highly inspiring and extremely thought provoking.

Watching these films, my mind got engrossed in two things; one, the feeling of despair, thinking about the plight of people who face such problems and of those who have to live all their life watching their loved ones suffer. Second, the feeling of been blessed that God has kept us in such good condition in all respects and has prevented us from facing such situations. The films also showed that these people in spite of facing such huge problems are extremely positive and cheerful in contrast to the people who unnecessarily crib even after been in normal conditions.

The reality, though is, that anybody of us can come across such situations, where one is forced to face such traumatic conditions all their life, where one has to see their children suffer in front of their eyes, living in incurable conditions.

So, we should always carry this awareness that there are a lot people all around the world who have to go thru so many sufferings in their life and if we are leading a normal life then we should have nothing to complaint and on the contrary,instead of focussing on our irrelevant problems we should get encouraged by their courage and positivity.

Mamta Sehgal.




In the month of April, there have been 9 earthquakes around the globe resulting in massive destruction and a huge loss of human life.9 earthquakes in the span of eighteen days (till 18’April) is a major disaster, which needs to be thought about. These earthquakes might not have directly affected us till now but the fact is that it can happen anytime to anyone and we might be one of them.

At this moment, we need to think where we and the world are heading to? Are we seeing the signals that the nature is trying to show us? Most of us around the world are living in oblivion, totally unaware of this drastic situation. Each time such tragedies happen, for few seconds, we seem concerned and feel sorry for the affected people and then in minutes get back to our routines. But, that truly is not the solution and we as individuals and as nations should be seriously concerned and should try to work out solutions wherein we are able to reduce the burden of the mother earth and make some efforts to control our misdoings.

The earth is so laden as we are constantly burdening it with the ever increasing human population, who for their living have to build houses, have to work to earn and thus create the much required work opportunities. More people mean more food, more clothing, more space and more earnings. That is why every individual is forced to join the unending race to acquire more and all their needs have to be fulfilled by the mother earth.

For food, the agriculture needs to be increased, for housing and employment more land is acquired and rampantly constructed .As the number of households and the individuals increase, the need for water increases which is extracted from the ground. With increased population, the need of transportation, clothing, education and precisely everything increases which directly or indirectly puts pressure on the earth.

Increased population increases the burden in terms of the use of land ,water and air. The residential, industrial as well as the leisure construction is on an all time high .We are venturing into the natural terrains ,rampantly destroying the flora and fauna for our own selfish motives.

The ever-increasing construction and other human needs require water which is been blindly sucked from the earth. As a result of the excessive usage and cutting of trees to create more land, the earth becomes parched and loose, resulting in earthquakes.

We fail to see but all the destruction that we are witnessing is surely the result of our own insensitiveness but we do not give a heed to it, continuing our callous acts. So the sooner we realize this, the better it is for us and our future generations, otherwise we should be prepared to pay the price for the worst.

Mamta Sehgal.



The birth of a child is considered to be an extremely auspicious and a happy moment for the family as it gets further extended. Though the birth is happy for all, but it is also the beginning of the entanglement for the new born into the difficult journey of life, because as soon as a child is born, he/she gets into a new cycle of birth and death.

I call it difficult, because once again the child has to undergo the complete process of various life stages. The stages of been a new born turning to an infant ,to a child, to a young boy or a girl, to a teenager, to a grown up boy or a girl, to a man or a woman, to middle aged individuals and further getting into the old age.

A small child is unaware of the surroundings and lives entirely in his/her own world and till the time, he reaches a certain age, he/she is totally dependent on others for all the daily activities, whether it is feeding, sleeping, playing or anything else for that matter. But as the child grows in age, the independence begins to set in and the more he grows the more free he/she wants to be.

Then comes the point in life when the graph of independence takes a downward turn.From the peak of the curve now the descent starts, where a person turning old gradually starts to behave like a child again .All the actions whether it is of eating, sleeping or walking start resembling that of a child. An elderly person looses the power of control over the senses and thus the confidence to do anything also falters. Alike a child, an elderly person is fearful of doing anything independently and thus needs a helping hand for everything. And this is the saddest moment of the life both for the elderly and the family members.

An individual leads the complete life on his/her own terms considering oneself to be the most superior but then comes a moment in life when unwillingly he/she has to depend on others. And the biggest irony is,that when a child does these acts, they are loved by everyone but similar actions or habits by an elderly are considered inappropriate.

Ideally, this stage of dependence should never surface in anybody’s life & till the time one is destined to live on this earth, the stay should be healthy and self-reliant, because otherwise the life becomes difficult, painful & completely unworthy of living.