We all know that God is omnipresent; He is there in all that exists in this universe. He takes care of each one of us every moment of our life. He is there for us whenever we need Him, but does not interfere in our day-to-day affairs.

There are times when life catches us up in its web and puts us in drastic situations, from where there seems no rescue. It is in situations like these that we get carried away and the fear of the unknown forces us to wander to different avenues to get solutions to our problems. The fact, although is, that no one but God can bring an end to all our difficulties and the problems we may be facing and we should thus just strive to attain His grace to get out of such challenging moments. The only way we can do this is by `Evoking God’. When we attempt to do so, we request Him to be on our side in onerous times or for that matter in all times, so that we can face those situations with ease and are able to get through the testing times without feeling the pain it infuses.

This may sound amusing but this can surely happen. If we request God to be always by our side and to keep us in His divine shadow then He surely stands by our side and makes sure that we cross the toughest of the bridges with the ease, which is formidable to even contemplate. But if we do not feel the need of His presence then He will watch us from far, attempting to fight all the battles the life puts us into.

The biggest example of this was an incidence in Mahabharata. Yudhishthira, the most decorated king of the Pandava dynasty once asked Krishna that why were they not stopped from playing the game of dice and getting into the resultant acts that ruined their life and led to the war of Mahabharata and why did He came to Draupadi’s rescue minutes after the shameless event started happening.

Krishan said, ‘ Dear Yudhishthira, all of you five brothers were so engrossed in the game of gambling that you became unaware of its repercussions. You were so ashamed of your acts that you didn’t want me to witness it, so I stayed away and watched you go in darkness. But when Draupadi called for my name, I immediately responded and was there in seconds to protect her. So, it is only when the devotee calls for me with pure heart and devotion and invites me to be by his/her side that I respond and help them to be safe and happy, elseways I stay away and just watch everything.

Evoking God, thus, is the easiest solution to all our problems and it surely works, if attempted with a pure conscience and utmost faith, and if it happens then the need to worry just fades.

Mamta Sehgal


Verse 56 of chapter 2 of Bhagwat Gita says, one who is not disturbed in mind even amidst the threefold miseries or elated when there is happiness and who is free from attachment, fear and anger is called a real sage of a steady mind.

The word sage or muni means one who can agitate his mind in various ways for mental speculation without considering the actual facts. Every muni has a different view and vision. But a sthita-dhir muni as per Lord is different from the ordinary munis. The sthita -dhir muni is always in Krishna consciousness, for he has exhausted the business of mental speculation. He is called prasantanihsesa-mano-rathantara or one who has surpassed the stage of mental speculation and has come to the conclusion that Lord Sri Krishna or Vasudeva is everything (vasudevah  sarvam iti sa mahatma su- durlabaha).He is called muni fixed in mind.

Such a fully Krishna conscious person is not at all disturbed by the three fold miseries which every human being has to face ,for he accepts all the miseries as the mercy of the Lord. Such a person thinks himself worthy of much more troubles due to his past misdeeds and thinks it is because of the mercy of the Lord that his miseries are reduced to the lowest level. Similarly, when he is happy he gives all the credit to the Lord considering him unworthy of the happiness. He understands that it is only because of the Lord’s grace that he is in such a comfortable position and is able to render all the services to the Lord. It is by HIS mercy that he is always daring and active to render services not falling into the trap of material attachment.

Attachment means accepting things for ones sense gratification and detachment is the absence of such sensual attachment. But someone who is fixed in Krishna Consciousness has neither attachment nor detachment because his life is dedicated in the service of Lord. Consequently he is in a state of complete balance. Success or no success a Krishna Conscious person is always steady in his determination to have utmost faith in the Almighty.

Thus the real sage is not who has renunciated all worldly desires but one who while living in this world remains calm,composed and balanced because of his true devotion towards the Lord.