Do not grieve for your rusty, iron heart. HE will polish it to a steel mirror. And as you are being lowered into the ground, closed away from your friends, don’t cry.

HE turns the ants and the snakes into beautiful new companions.




Thank you so much #VeenaBaldotaji for such beautiful words for #THEPERENNIALJOURNEY…truly delighted.

Hi Mamta, Jai Shri Krishna. I just completed reading your book ‘ The Perennial Journey ‘. This is the first time I read a spiritual book. Loved reading it. As I am a staunch believer of Lord Krishna and visit Iskcon temple in Pune, could relate to this book easily.Reading this book boosted my faith and consciousness towards the Lord all the more.The free flowing simple vocabulary made the matter more understandable. The 4 sections with short chapters, made reading more interesting.You have done a brilliant job. Looking forward to the release of your second book.With lots of love and regards, Veena.