1.Joy Story Foundation helps a PPRP (Post Polio Residual Paralysis) patient with a Caliper to assist him in leading a normal life.

Name: JAGBIR, Age: 29yrs     Location: Akbarpur,  Behrampur, Ghaziabad, INDIA.

Livelihood Challenge

Jagbir, a PPRP patient since birth, has been living with 75% disability. His knee turns inwards while he tries to walk and the waist too bends in a extremely awkward manner and hence it is difficult for him to walk even for a few minutes. He has studied till class 10th, has ailing old parents and lives with his brother. The disability is a hindrance in employment and thus he is fully dependent on his brother for livelihood.

How Joy Story extended help

Jagbir had great difficulty in walking for even a short distance and hence was not able to do much work independently. The family’s poor financial condition forced him to live like this till the age of 29 yrs, until Joy Story Foundation assisted him with the Caliper support .


The caliper will help him walk with ease with more energy efficient gait. This will further help him in gaining employment, become independent in life and look after his old ailing parents with ease.


Name: Preeti, Age: 23yrs, Location: Khera Dabar Village, South West Delhi. INDIA.            

Livelihood Challenge

Preeti lives with three siblings and her grandmother, lost both her parents early in life. She was married at the age of 19yrs and was divorced when she was just 22 yrs. Grandmother is a housemaid and takes care of the kids.

How Joy Story extended help

Preeti wanted to support her family and take the burden away from her grandmother’s shoulder. She wanted to pursue a six months Emergency Medical Technician course but didn’t have the financial capacity to do it. JOY STORY FOUNDATION came across her sad story and decided to make her financially able by sponsoring her course fee at VIVO Healthcare Institute, a NSDC, GOI and Skill India approved centre.


In six months Preeti will gain employment worth INR 10,000/-14,000/- and will support her family and assist her siblings in their education. She will live a respectable life and will be self-reliant.


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We are a platform for Collective Philanthropy and would be happy to get the support from all quarters in order to fulfil our mission to spread JOY.


What does it take to bring ”JOYS” in the lives of others. Nothing much! It just calls for an intent to help others and the rest follows.

When we understand the woes of others, besides the ones we unnecessarily consider to be ours.When we start understanding what goes thru in the lives of many unfortunates, the hardships they have to face and how they just manage to make their ends meet. When we genuinely feel for the sorrows others have to fight and start realizing how blessed we are, the intent to help others automatically surfaces.

Till the time we are oblivious to the happenings around us and are only concerned about just our own well-being, we will never be able to understand the troubles other face in their lives. Thus the most important trait of being an ideal human is to keep the pain of others before our owns, to understand the need of others and to make a constant effort of helping others in whatever way possible.

A famous quote from RUMI says,”When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a ‘JOY’.

How true this quote is! When we make a genuine attempt to help others in need and take a resolve to improve their lives, then we are given many chances to fulfill our thoughts and they surely bring a bounty of happiness in our own lives.

JOY STORY FOUNDATION gives you many such causes and assists you in giving shape to your thoughts, helping you to become a better human being in all respects and most importantly it brings back the Joys that you aim to bring in the lives of others to your own life. It is a genuine attempt to bring Joy in the life of others.

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We should never let the child within us take a back seat in life, because it is only that childlike innocence which keeps us vibrant ,otherwise growing old is all about stress ,dullness and fear;fear of all that is just an illusion.

When we grow old we start taking life too seriously and forget to live,to laugh and enjoy the smallest of the things which a child does and that is how we make the precious moments of life which God has bestowed on us dull and lifeless.

We crib for senseless issues,cry for wasteful things and worry for meaningless events and in the end keep losing every single second of the valuable life.

Live like a child and you will realize that the life can be really beautiful.Try and do what you feel like doing,without worrying about its social repercussions. Eat what you want to without worrying much about putting on few pounds.Laugh at silly things if you wish to do so.Try and make an extra effort to meet your friends as they revive the hidden child in you.In short try to relax in life as the world would not stop progressing if it was not for you.

Mamta Sehgal



It was a beautiful morning. The sky was at its best, in its various achromatic shades. The clouds were all swelled; ready to pour all they had in store. In short, everything looked perfect like an artist’s painting.

Not wanting to miss our morning walk, we readily dressed up and went ahead with our routine, before the expected downpour. The weather was so beautiful that I felt the wind caressing and kissing me, whenever I came across its path. The whole experience was simply divine. In all I had a great morning and came back refreshed.

As I sat to relax, trying to get back the lost breath, my husband asked me to call up a neighbor regarding a pending issue and I did as directed. One minute into the conversation, the lady said something extremely annoying and destroyed all the positivity that I had gathered since morning. The conversation made me furious, filling my entire body with abysmal anger. I was disturbed till the depth of my heart. I could feel the negativity disturbing the soul within, so seconds later, decided to let go the needless anger. I deliberated that I could in no way fill my conscience with negative thoughts so instantly tried to ward off the conversation from my mind.

I decided that like many others it was the last time I was talking to the lady; I could in no way let her put me into the uncalled for distress.

Instances and people; good as well as bad, will come to you each day but it is entirely your choice whether you want to pick up those that excite your spirit or the ones that disturb it. God never interferes in our choices, HE just fulfills our wishes, so if we wish to brew negativity in our mind and body than HE will let us do it, without hindering our choice. But if we choose to be high-spirited and always remain in a positive state of mind than HE will help us do that and fill our heart with goodness. The positivity will excite our soul, it will start directing us to wondrous things and let us be in the aura of goodness.

Hence, we should only respond to situations that fill our soul with positivity and excite it and ignore negative situations that cloud our rational thinking and are troublesome for both the body and the soul and thus make the right choices in life.

Mamta Sehgal.


As per Chapter II ,text 70,of Bhagwat Gita-‘A person who is not disturbed by the incessant flow of desires that enters the mind ,like the rivers into the ocean, which is ever being filled, but is always still, can alone achieve peace ,and not the man who strives to satisfy such desires.’

The vast ocean is always filled with water , especially during  the rainy season when the flow of all the rivers into the ocean is at a much larger scale ,but the ocean always remains the same; it flows steadily, it is rarely agitated, never crossing the limits of its brink.

The ocean is beautiful simile for a man fixed in Krishna Consciousness.

As long as one has the material body, the bodily demands for sense gratification will remain but the true devotee of the lord is not disturbed by such desires because of his utmost faith in the Almighty . A Krishna Conscious man is fully satiated because the Lord fulfills all his material necessities. Therefore he is like an ocean, always full in himself/herself. Desires may come to him like the waters of the rivers flowing into the ocean but he is always steady in his activities and is always at peace with himself.

The utmost stabile behavior is the result of his being completely engrossed in the transcendental loving service of the lord. His immense faith and devotion in the Almighty brings in so much of satisfaction that he forgets everything about the sense gratification and is only concerned in satisfying the Lord with his complete devotion .The God on the other hand reciprocates by taking complete care of such a devotee, fulfilling all his needs even without  him asking for them.

On the other hand,a person who is only engrossed in sense enjoyment never attains peace. Though he might have achieved umpteen material successes , but his happiness is superficial and short lived and he is always in the state of anxiousness. He is so self engrossed that he forgets the real purpose of his existence; the service to the Lord and completely fixes himself into the material bondage which results in his complete restlessness.

The lesson which this beautiful text of Bhagwat Gita teaches us is that; as an ocean remains calm and peaceful in all conditions, the human beings too, inspite  of facing all the harsh weathers in their life should remain fully composed, dignified and self assured.But this is only possible when their faith and devotion to the Almighty is unconditional and paramount.

Mamta Sehgal.



‘RELATIONSHIP’ is an important word which plays a crucial role in every human’s life. Each alphabet in this word has a meaning;R-Real,E-Endless,L-Love,A-Affection,T-Trust,I-Inclination,O-Openness,N-Nurturing,S-Sacrifice,H-Happiness,I-Involvement,P-Pure,S-Sentiments.The word RELATIONSHIP ,thus is an amalgamation of the various emotions that the alphabets in it stand for.

The day a child descends on this earth he is fated with many relationships which happen by virtue of his/her birth in a particular family. And as one grows, the number of relationships too grows and it depends entirely on an individual how well he/she takes care of them.

In olden days, people gave huge importance and respect to every relation they had. They valued each of their relations no matter whether it was a blood relation or not. People had few resources but still knew how to keep all the relationships alive in those resources.

But the present day scenario is different. In spite of having enough resources, even the closest of the relationships have become a burden which people do not want to carry with them. They are happy living their lives in isolation and do not want any interference from anyone. In fact, they try to do things which prevent others from getting closer to them and thus automatically get distanced from everybody.

Everything seems perfect till the time the train of life is running uninterrupted on the designated track, nobody is required as everything seems perfect in the self-demarcated world.

But, one thing that each one of us must never forget is that the track of life is not always smooth. Sometimes, one has to trek on the bumpy and uneven tracks too and it is in these difficult times that the feeling of isolation sinks in and one feels the need of having the dear ones around, who could share the plight one faces .This is the time when they try to look back into their life and relent, but till then, it is too late.

All the above is one side of the story. And, there is a flip side to it too. In our life, there are also some relations which are extremely difficult to handle and are a burden. No matter how much you try, they fail to understand the real feelings and always bring you to a point of stress. The harder you try to run these relations smoothly, the more the other persons make it difficult for you. And thus it is always better to take a back seat in such relations to keep oneself out of the distressed situation.

Relationships, thus should be respected and taken care off with great responsibility. Understanding the meaning of each alphabet and following it is important and should be handled with utmost regard and sincerity to keep them in good spirits. One should never forget that these emotions are given by God only to humans with a reason and it is thus sinful if we are not able to take care of these by not fulfilling our roles and duties as a human.

But sadly, these days’ sincere people who give importance to all these emotions are considered fools. No one understands their feelings, their emotions are never respected but are made fun off and thus they are always in trouble. On the contrary, the people who do not respect other’s emotions are considered perfectly fine and faultless.

Therefore, for a happy life one should try and have real &ideal relationships and should respect  and take care of them so that one doesn’t feel isolated in times of trouble and there is positivity around ,which itself is the cure of a lot of the issues of life.

Mamta Sehgal.




We, humans possess both the positive as well as the negative powers within us but it is an individual’s choice as to which power (negative or positive) one gives more importance to.

When we empower the positive powers within us then we are surrounded by all the positive energies. We are fully protected by the power of the God which keeps us away from all the negative forces .As a result, our complete thought process runs in the right direction & everything in the surroundings whether it is the people or the situations, seem on the ideal path.

But when we give more importance to the negative powers within us then we ourselves move towards a doomed situation, where the only things we find are sorrow and stress. Surrounded by the negative energies causes constant fear, anxiety and takes away our productivity and the capacity to live a normal life. So, it depends entirely on us how we conduct our life and which path we choose to follow.

Once we decide to take a positive path, the next step is to prepare ourselves to constantly walk on that path. Now, the question is how does one do that? The easiest way to do so is by reciting the name God each moment & every fraction of a second. In fact, the recital should happen with each breath that we take and we should practice doing that so much that even when we are indulged in something else or are talking, the recital happens automatically inside us.

This surely creates a positive aura or a shield around us which protects us in every situation, however tough it may be. The power of recital is so strong that it does not let any negative power come near us and trouble us.

So, it is extremely important that we keep our faith intact, only have love and devotion for the God and never ask for anything from Him. The only thing we should ask from God is His blessings or His kripa because that covers all. And the moment we start getting His kripa then we don’t have to worry about anything because then God takes care of the rest;the smallest of our needs and makes sure we are always in good condition.

So, with complete faith, empower the positive powers inside you in order to lead an ideal, peaceful and a satisfying life.

Mamta Sehgal.



Past karmas play a very important role in deciding what social status an individual will get on his/her next birth. So, contrary to the belief, God has nothing to do with the social status one gets in life. In fact, HE never discriminates and uniformly takes care of each human being who descends on this earth and tries to fulfill their needs in accordance with their social status. There are 84,00,000 species on this earth and human being is the only species who earns for living and rest all are taken care by God.

Therefore, it is only our past karmas that decide our condition in life, but been in a good condition in one life does not promise or imply that we will be in a same state in the next life too .It is thus imperative that we are careful in our conduct in this life to be in a decent state in the next.

In the society, all around us, we see that some people are financially sound and have an access to all the luxuries in life but there are others who have to work hard all their life to make the two ends meet. I am not generalizing, but surprisingly in some cases, the ones who have everything in abundance are insecure, overprotective and become greedy. Such people fail to differentiate between the need and the greed and just want to accumulate more and more.

They are unaware of their surroundings and the plight that people with fewer resources go through. And this behavior degrades them and their complete thought process which is quite dangerous as it creates a mental block where one tends to ignore everything else and is only concerned of his/her needs, even if they are unjustified. Such an attitude in an individual also affects the family’s thought process, which too start to get into the same mould and everyone’s collective acts leads to faulty karmas.

Contrary to this, an individual with limited resources is content and at peace with what he possesses and is not greedy to acquire beyond his needs. His limitations force him to fulfill only his needs and he is truly satisfied in that.

An intelligent human being whether rich or poor, is one who is able to differentiate between his needs and the greed .He is fully satiate & thus leads an ideal life leading to good karmas and therefore never loses his chance to have an ideal life in the next life too.

Mamta Sehgal.


In BHAGAWAT GITA Krishna says, “the steadily devoted soul attains unadulterated peace because he offers the result of all his activities to Me; whereas a person who is not in union with Me & who is greedy for the fruits of his labour, becomes entangled.’’

The difference between a person in Krishna Consciousness and the one in bodily consciousness is that the former is attached to Krishna and the later to the result of his bodily activities. The person, who is attached to Krishna and works only for Him, is certainly a liberated soul and has no anxiety over the result of his works. Anxiety, only happens when one functions in the conception of duality i.e. without the real knowledge of the absolute; Krishna, the supreme Godhead.

In Krishna Consciousness, there is no duality and there is a clear understanding that all that exists is a product of His energy, which is all pervading and all good. Therefore, activities in Krishna Consciousness are on the absolute plane; they are transcendental and have no material effect & are thus highly peaceful.

It is very rare that the humans get this awareness in their lifetime but the ones who are able to get this actual realization that there is no existence beyond Krishna and HE is the real platform for love and fearlessness, attain peace.

On the other hand, one who is only engaged in mental speculations in the material world and is always engrossed in sense gratification, remains anxious and gets further entangled in his acts and leads a sinful life. Having the right consciousness and knowledge brings one to the point where there is no worry as everything is done for Krishna and is also taken care by HIM.

The real devotees of the lord are called Santas and are all always in love with God ,who is also known as Govinda (the giver of all pleasures) or Mukunda (the giver of liberation)or Krshna (the all attractive person).The real devotees are released from all kind of sins because they are sincerely devoted in all forms, by way of engaging themselves in different kind of services like sravanam, kirtanam, smarnam   and archanam and always eat food which is first offered to Krshna They also indulge in Sankirtana yajna in complete devotion and thus lead a happy & sinless life and attain eternal peace,which is not possible otherwise,i.e.on the accumulation of the material objects and various objects of comfort.

Mamta Sehgal



It is always said, that the human beings are controlled by their mind. Whatever the mind makes an individual indulge in; he/she is forced to do the same. Scientifically, that’s true as all the signals for the bodily actions come from the mind, but in reality the heart, where our soul resides is the true controller of everything.

The mind does not have the power to work independently and influence the individual completely.Thus,it totally depends on an individual, whether he follows his heart which always gives the right directions or depends solely on the mind which wavers and many a time forces the body to take wrong, emotional and unjustified decisions.

Few days back,an incidence occurred which made me furious at all the people around me. I displayed my anger both verbally and through my actions and kept to myself. One day passed and I decided to remain like that in future too .I knew that I was listening to my mind which had forced me into this situation and had resulted in the whole atmosphere been strained and gloomy .

Next morning, though, I had a change of mind and decided to come out of the situation by clearing my mind of the whole situation and behaving in a normal manner. Surprisingly, this decision eased out the whole atmosphere and instantly, everything seemed normal and I saw no fault in anybody or anything around me.

The moment I refused to listen to my mind and followed my heart to let go of non-relevant things which shouldn’t have bothered me, everything changed. And as a result, many other things in relation to that became normal, taking a lot of load off my head. If I had kept letting my mind act then the situation would have worsened, creating unnecessary misunderstandings and confusions around me. The change of mind removed all confusions and created a positive atmosphere.

So, follow and listen to your heart because it is the one which will always guide you to ideal paths and never let you take any wrong decisions in life. All the adverse decisions are only taken when we let our mind take the call.

Thus, letting the heart control the strings of our life can make our life simpler and peaceful, because it means that we are allowing our soul decide the way we will lead our life and not let our mind rule our actions.

Mamta Sehgal.