Do not grieve for your rusty, iron heart. HE will polish it to a steel mirror. And as you are being lowered into the ground, closed away from your friends, don’t cry.

HE turns the ants and the snakes into beautiful new companions.



experience-god-natureRecently I had the privilege of visiting a place called Ananda in the Himalayas. The place gave me an experience which is ethereal. The place was in completely harmony with nature which was truly blissful. If anybody could really feel and understand, then each and every aspect of the place gave the feeling of proximity with God .It seemed as if you are in the lap of nature, which is caressing and loving you.

The truth though is that one has to have a mindset to experience all this. If one is not a nature lover and is always engrossed in one’s own worldly affairs then these things will be irrelevant and everything will seem to be normal but for a person like me who is a nature lover to the hilt it all seemed like a dream.

I could experience the wonders of all HIS creations, whether it was the early morning rains, the sunrise, the chirping of the birds, the fascinating sound of the streams, the different shades of greens that the trees possessed, the changing colours of the mountains with the passing of the day and the beautiful sunset. Each and everything seemed mesmerising. I could walk alone and still feel someone strolling with me. I could quietly sit near the stream and loved listening to the soothing musical sound of water streaming the stairs. I could sit and meditate for hours only to be more close to the Almighty and attain an eternal peace of mind .

Every experience made me wonder about the Power above and how mighty & miraculous all HIS creations are, which is inimitable to even the most beautiful man-made creations. That feeling of being so close to the pure and pious God’s creations is unexplainable.

God is present in each and every thing that surrounds us, be it nature, birds or environment. It is of utmost importance that we try and experience this blissfulness around us. No one of us has seen God but if we ever get a chance to be in the nature’s lap then we should not leave that opportunity as it is our chance of being acquainted with God by way of HIS creations .It is a life changing action which brings in a lot of realizations resulting in immense gratitude towards the Creator.