What does it take to bring ”JOYS” in the lives of others. Nothing much! It just calls for an intent to help others and the rest follows.

When we understand the woes of others, besides the ones we unnecessarily consider to be ours.When we start understanding what goes thru in the lives of many unfortunates, the hardships they have to face and how they just manage to make their ends meet. When we genuinely feel for the sorrows others have to fight and start realizing how blessed we are, the intent to help others automatically surfaces.

Till the time we are oblivious to the happenings around us and are only concerned about just our own well-being, we will never be able to understand the troubles other face in their lives. Thus the most important trait of being an ideal human is to keep the pain of others before our owns, to understand the need of others and to make a constant effort of helping others in whatever way possible.

A famous quote from RUMI says,”When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a ‘JOY’.

How true this quote is! When we make a genuine attempt to help others in need and take a resolve to improve their lives, then we are given many chances to fulfill our thoughts and they surely bring a bounty of happiness in our own lives.

JOY STORY FOUNDATION gives you many such causes and assists you in giving shape to your thoughts, helping you to become a better human being in all respects and most importantly it brings back the Joys that you aim to bring in the lives of others to your own life. It is a genuine attempt to bring Joy in the life of others.

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Losing someone dear in life is tragic and it is difficult to bear such a loss; which remains etched in the memory for times to come. Every human being desires to always remain in the shadow of the dear ones and wishes that he/she never loses them, but that is not how it is meant to be. We all must understand that in the wake of our emotions we cannot become selfish; thinking of just our loss and not thinking what the other person might go thru. Ideally speaking no one should get into any kind of suffering; physical or psychological, because it is difficult to bear it. The physical suffering comes out of the bodily pains and the degeneration that occurs because of natural ageing. While the psychological pains occur because of the inability to be self-dependent.

All of us spend our entire life on our own terms, with a set pattern of living; which is full of rigidities and is strictly within our own thinking gamut, but then there might come a time in life when we may have to undergo drastic physical changes that leaves us dependent on others; bringing us to the worst stage of life. It is an agony both for the sufferer and for the ones who are fostering them. The irony is that no money or power can prevent this from happening if it is destined to happen. Money can give best treatment and care but it cannot prevent the fated. No matter who you are or how resourceful you are, everyone has to pay back for what they have done in this life or in the past.

When we are in our prime, we never realize the wrongs that we keep committing each hour. We never contemplate the repercussions of our wrong-doings in this life or in the past. But when we reach the later stages of our life and are gripped by illness, that is the time ,we are forced to think on this subject. The worst though is that most of the people don’t have such realizations even after facing immense turbulence in life.

An ideal person, who has always indulged in good karmas, has a pious thought process, has the true awareness of the realities of life and is a firm believer of God, never gets into the suffering mode and gets a peaceful end. He has to never depend on anyone and is able to take care of the self till the last day of life. And that is what an ideal death is; a person lives a fulfilling life and receives a befitting end. The complete surrender and belief in God makes sure that there is no suffering in life or even at the end and one gets a respectable death and embraces the same with utter grace.

We should eulogize such deaths and pray to God that even we receive such an end, where there is no suffering and no dependence on anybody till the last breath we breathe.

Mamta Sehgal.


What is Love?

It is beautiful feeling which always leaves you with a smile and makes you laugh on the smallest of things.

Love takes away all your woes and brings you in a different world where nothing else matters .

Love takes away all the hatred and just knows affection.

Love brings you to a different space where you only see brightness,colors and cheerfulness.

Love has no boundaries and sees no bars.

With so many qualities love is truly an expression of God,a language of God, a music to the ears and light to the eyes.It is a divine fragrance which spreads around you and fulfills your life.

Mamta Sehgal


`Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans.’What a beautiful quote by John Lennon and so very true.

In life, all of us remain in a constant thinking mode, stressing our minds on thousands of subjects; most of which being irrelevant. We keep harping on so many unknown events or problems we might have to face in future. We plan years ahead and while we are busy doing all that, life is running its own picture; making us a spectator of an unforeseen storyline. It throws such challenges on us which are nowhere in our scheme of things, but that is what the real life is; unknown & unclear and the sooner we understand this fact the better it is for us.

It happens to each one of us but we still fail to reckon with this truth. Bhagavad Gita says, `not a blade of grass moves, if it is not HIS will.’ That is why stressing the mind too much on wasteful assumptions is senseless.

The other day, I watched a movie where the protagonist had a breakup and thus gets disillusioned and looses all her vigor to do anything new in life. But life had other plans for her. She was a baker and received an invitation to participate in a baking competition. At first she refused, but then on her friends insistence decided to go. Here she meets her identical twin; a princess who was due to get married to the prince of the state. The princess wanted to live a commoners’ life and requests the girl to switch her life with her for just two days, as she shared the similar looks with her. After a lot of resistance, she agrees; not imagining what was in store for her.

During the brief interaction, the prince falls in love with her and there is an exchange of real emotions between the two.

After two days though,as decided, they switched on to their real lives and are left in the dilemmas. They had no choice but to share the truth with the prince, who happily accepted the reality as he was also bitten by the charm of the girl. Hence, a girl who was utterly disenchanted in life, would have never in her dreams thought that life was planning such a wondrous turnaround for her. But that was all for real.

This is the reality of life; when we are expecting particular events or are planning for other things in life, it throws the unexpected on us (good as well as bad) and that is what the real life is; totally unimaginable. We ignore the present in wake of planning for future, sulk at things not happening our way, get stressed by so many unimportant issues but undeterred by what we do or think, life takes its own course and displays what is in store for us.Thus, without getting anxious about future, we should display forbearance and understand the phenomenon called `Life’.

Mamta Sehgal.


Saint Kabir, the mystical poet followed the custom of giving spiritual recitals. Many people from faraway places came to hear his golden words. One day, after everyone left,a man asked Kabir, “I am a householder and have a big family and each day I get into a tussle with someone or the other which leads to a total chaos in the house. I want to know the reason for this discord  and the ways to  improve the situation?”

Saint Kabir kept mum and a moment later asked his wife for a lantern. Without asking any questions,his wife instantly followed the order.The man got confused and thought that why did the Saint asked for a lantern in a broad daylight.

After a little while, Kabir asked his wife to get something sweet to eat. The wife immediately got a snack,but a salty one instead of the sweet one asked  and the Saint politely accepted it. The man was absolutely puzzled, hence got up and started to leave. At this, Kabir inquired that has he got the answers to his queries or is still in doubt ?” The man annoyingly said,“I have not understood a single thing but am rather confused by the happenings.’’

Kabir started smiling and said,”Let me explain.When I had asked for a lantern , my wife could have straightaway refused as it was a day time. But she calmly obeyed ,thinking that there  might be a reason behind it .”

Similarly,when I asked for something sweet, she got a salty snack, but I kept calm ,understanding that the sweet snack might not be available. Both of us thus fully understood the reason for each other’s  behaviour and  found no reason to cross question. Resultantly, there was no conflict at all.

Mutual trust is build when there is an understanding between the family members. Instead of pinpointing and highlighting mistakes of others, one should be considerate and thoughtful, contemplating that there might be a reason behind a person’s uncalled for behaviour. If a husband commits a mistake,the wife should handle it sensibly and if a wife commits a mistake, then the husband should ignore it ;this is a mantra for a happy household.

When you make efforts to understand others , trust their point of view and refrain from forcing your opinions on them,there is a mutual respect and trust one earns .This trust prevents  situations of conflict and can create the most cordial atmosphere,both in the family as well as in the outside world.

Mamta Sehgal


Recently I received a message from a friend which said,` IF AN EGG IS BROKEN FROM OUTSIDE FORCE,LIFE ENDS. BUT IF IT IS BROKEN FROM AN INSIDE FORCE, LIFE BEGINS.’ How very true this message is, I thought to myself.It carries a beautiful lesson and if taken profoundly, can have a great influence on our life.

There is one general phenomena we all see in our kitchens each day;when we apply external  pressure on the egg ,it breaks and the life within the egg ends.Similarly, when a human being is influenced by the outer forces like environment, society, friends and acquaintances and gets into the trap of negative thoughts of failure, jealousy, unhappiness and distress,he/she heads towards the downfall.

In reality, all these thoughts are the production of one’s own mind, which makes the individual think that his life will get affected by these external events or individuals .He lives in constant fear and feels that someone might affect him or become an obstruction in his success and happiness.But,in reality these external forces possess no power to affect anyone, rather it is our own thinking which is killing the human being that we are. We are absolutely swayed by all the ill beliefs which incur a bad influence on us.

The second part of the message says that,`If an egg is broken by the force that comes from inside, life begins.’ That means that if the growth of the egg happens in a natural manner then it leads to the birth of a new life, in the form of a chick .This phenomena clearly explains the eternal fact ,that if we listen to the Inner force – our soul, the God within , then we can prosper each day of our life. Our Inner force can keep us devoid of all the ill feelings and insecurities,gives us the right knowledge,shows the ideal path and helps us in leading a righteous life.

Thus,if we introspect, we will realize that nobody else but we ourselves are our biggest enemy. We can easily increase our happiness and success with our inner belief but instead we choose to get influenced by the outer forces ,which leads us to our downfall. It’s the way we think that makes all the difference.

Hence,if we let the outer force rule us then we are breaking ourselves and are responsible for our failures, but if we let the Inner force rule our life then we are blossoming our life with all the positivism and happiness.

We are born with some eternal good qualities and should never let the outer forces like society diminish those qualities but should instead surrender completely to the Inner force and let it drive our life. We should follow the instructions of this Inner Force and let it be our mentor in all situations so that we live a progressive, happy, and an ideal life.

Mamta Sehgal.



The death of Sridevi was an extremely tragic episode that jolted the entire nation, including me. Even though I don’t have a direct link with her or with her family and am like any other commoner who just knew Sridevi as an actress and a famous celebrity, the news was still a shocker. For few hours, after my husband broke this news to me, I was in a jittery condition. The whole episode was simply unimaginable, which left my heart in doldrums.

My mind could not accept, that a person who is so fit, is extremely disciplined, so full of life, never had a history of illness and most importantly was so young, can die like this. I had consistent thoughts that how could someone, so rich and famous; having an access to all the facilities in the world, succumb to such a helpless death, where she could not even get an instant medical support and be saved.

As per medical standards, such things can happen to people who have a sedentary life style, are not health conscious and constantly abuse their body because of bad habits, but for someone who had never indulged in anything like this, followed a regular health regime and was a classical dancer; explaining her death is a little difficult . Leave aside others, even the medical fraternity cannot affirm the valid reasons for this tragic incidence.

Whenever such events happen, people indulge in baseless speculations and theories, but no one goes to the core reason behind it; that of the universal theory of the presence of the divine force within and all around us ; something that each human must comprehend.

No one in this world can explain and predict the two most important phenomena; of life and death. There are many people who boast of knowing the future and other important events of life, but they all tend to fool others. The fact is that, though God has bestowed the humans with many powers but has kept the advent of birth and death in HIS own hands. Thus, no human can predict or know when it will happen. If humans had the power to know these two most important phenomena of their life, they would have surely misused these powers and someone so influential like Sridevi would have known that this was coming; she would not have been dancing in a wedding, few days before her death.

Her death is a true example of what a freak incidence can be and truly explains just one eternal truth; that indisputably, this world is run by a divine force, which is the reason behind everything that is happening in this world. Whatever happens in our life and around us is due to this force and its transcendental powers.

The humans have done innumerable scientific discoveries but the fact is that there is only one force which controls everything. Although many human beings do not believe this fact and consider themselves to be the creator of their fortunes and their life, but that’s not the case. The fact is that there is only one power that is running the complete show and it is incidences like these that time and again prove its presence and true importance.

If that was not the case, than what else can explain the events in a person’s life where one moment he or she is hale and hearty, is happily enjoying the life and days later succumbs to an unexplainable death. The fact is that the number of breaths each one of us will breathe on this earth are pre-decided and as soon as they end, the consciousness leaves the body; leaving the person nothing more than a piece of flesh. This consciousness which is a sign of life , is the proof of the presence of God in each human being and thus as soon it is lost, everything comes to an end. The person leaves everything belonging to him or her as it is and no one; the doctors or the loved ones can stop this event to happen.

Such tragic moments, thus are the lessons for all to understand; that there is nothing more superior than the divine force, which is managing the entire universe and is the only one who is aware of what will happen next in  life. How much planning one might do, but the moment the time to go comes, there is nobody who can prevent it.

So, believe in this transcendental power and understand that it is the only eternal truth in this world and rest everything is illusion, we keep living with. The sooner we comprehend this fact, the better it is for us.