What does it take to bring ”JOYS” in the lives of others. Nothing much! It just calls for an intent to help others and the rest follows.

When we understand the woes of others, besides the ones we unnecessarily consider to be ours.When we start understanding what goes thru in the lives of many unfortunates, the hardships they have to face and how they just manage to make their ends meet. When we genuinely feel for the sorrows others have to fight and start realizing how blessed we are, the intent to help others automatically surfaces.

Till the time we are oblivious to the happenings around us and are only concerned about just our own well-being, we will never be able to understand the troubles other face in their lives. Thus the most important trait of being an ideal human is to keep the pain of others before our owns, to understand the need of others and to make a constant effort of helping others in whatever way possible.

A famous quote from RUMI says,”When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a ‘JOY’.

How true this quote is! When we make a genuine attempt to help others in need and take a resolve to improve their lives, then we are given many chances to fulfill our thoughts and they surely bring a bounty of happiness in our own lives.

JOY STORY FOUNDATION gives you many such causes and assists you in giving shape to your thoughts, helping you to become a better human being in all respects and most importantly it brings back the Joys that you aim to bring in the lives of others to your own life. It is a genuine attempt to bring Joy in the life of others.

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Do not grieve for your rusty, iron heart. HE will polish it to a steel mirror. And as you are being lowered into the ground, closed away from your friends, don’t cry.

HE turns the ants and the snakes into beautiful new companions.



What is Love?

It is beautiful feeling which always leaves you with a smile and makes you laugh on the smallest of things.

Love takes away all your woes and brings you in a different world where nothing else matters .

Love takes away all the hatred and just knows affection.

Love brings you to a different space where you only see brightness,colors and cheerfulness.

Love has no boundaries and sees no bars.

With so many qualities love is truly an expression of God,a language of God, a music to the ears and light to the eyes.It is a divine fragrance which spreads around you and fulfills your life.

Mamta Sehgal


Saint Kabir, the mystical poet followed the custom of giving spiritual recitals. Many people from faraway places came to hear his golden words. One day, after everyone left,a man asked Kabir, “I am a householder and have a big family and each day I get into a tussle with someone or the other which leads to a total chaos in the house. I want to know the reason for this discord  and the ways to  improve the situation?”

Saint Kabir kept mum and a moment later asked his wife for a lantern. Without asking any questions,his wife instantly followed the order.The man got confused and thought that why did the Saint asked for a lantern in a broad daylight.

After a little while, Kabir asked his wife to get something sweet to eat. The wife immediately got a snack,but a salty one instead of the sweet one asked  and the Saint politely accepted it. The man was absolutely puzzled, hence got up and started to leave. At this, Kabir inquired that has he got the answers to his queries or is still in doubt ?” The man annoyingly said,“I have not understood a single thing but am rather confused by the happenings.’’

Kabir started smiling and said,”Let me explain.When I had asked for a lantern , my wife could have straightaway refused as it was a day time. But she calmly obeyed ,thinking that there  might be a reason behind it .”

Similarly,when I asked for something sweet, she got a salty snack, but I kept calm ,understanding that the sweet snack might not be available. Both of us thus fully understood the reason for each other’s  behaviour and  found no reason to cross question. Resultantly, there was no conflict at all.

Mutual trust is build when there is an understanding between the family members. Instead of pinpointing and highlighting mistakes of others, one should be considerate and thoughtful, contemplating that there might be a reason behind a person’s uncalled for behaviour. If a husband commits a mistake,the wife should handle it sensibly and if a wife commits a mistake, then the husband should ignore it ;this is a mantra for a happy household.

When you make efforts to understand others , trust their point of view and refrain from forcing your opinions on them,there is a mutual respect and trust one earns .This trust prevents  situations of conflict and can create the most cordial atmosphere,both in the family as well as in the outside world.

Mamta Sehgal


Few days back, I was reading an article titled, `THE UNFALLING COMPANIONSHIP OF DRIED BHAKRI’ in Hindustan Times,an Indian daily.

To give a brief, let me quote some excerpts from the article; “For the long haul, the humble flatbread, often leftovers collected as alms, is baked in the sun to provide nomadic tribes with their only reliable source of food…in the blazing afternoon sun beats down on rows of bhakris set out to dry…They load the dried flatbread into satchels in halves or quarters or crumbs…Usually found at gatherings or jatras…but they will carry every morsel of bhakri they can find…food is never taken for granted…the nomad has just one wish-give us this day our daily dried bread.’’

The article appalled me and I was deeply moved by the sorry state of millions of people in the country.Living in metros we have an access to all the amenities and hence never realize the dire conditions in which many people live in. We grossly misuse all the amenities we have and thus never contemplate their importance and also fail to realize the plight of those who do not even have a hand on the mere basics that are required to live a dignified life.

I was shocked to read how these people collect the left-over’s of food and more importantly, the breads; which people leave as waste. These left-over’s as well as the alms they collect are dried in open sunlight and stored in small packages so that they can be kept for a longer period of time and can be used each day. Since the breads become absolutely dry and hard, they need some form of liquid to become edible; some gravy, milk, tea or water and in most cases it is just water that these people have access to. What a pity I thought! Where on one hand, we, as well as our children are spoilt with choices and plainly refuse to eat the stuff we do not relish, there are millions who have only one single puny option, which they are forced to consume. The dismal case of choices, I thought!

Reading this article, I apprehended that how many of us in spite of enjoying all the bliss never recognize the degree of blessings we receive each day but rather sulk for things which might be of negligible relevance in our life. Ideally, before having such futile thoughts we should think about the people who are forced to suffer all their lives by living in pathetic conditions and  not possessing, even the basics . We are blessed to live with the most modern amenities and have a hand to the best in life, so rightfully there is absolutely no reason for us to grouse. We should be extremely grateful for all that God has bestowed on us, for us to live a comfortable life and should never forget the harsh realities and painful conditions the other’s face and live in.

So, whenever we are trapped in the feeling of distress, we should bear the thoughts of such destitute in our mind and realize that there is no reason why we could not have been in their condition.It is just that we are fortuitous not to have to experience those deplorable conditions in our life. Hence in life, when in spite of having the best we worry for trivial issues we should take a note of the ones who are downtrodden and are forced to live an unimaginative life. The sooner we realize the pitiful situations of millions around us, the earliest we will envisage our own blissfulness in life.

Mamta Sehgal


My office is situated on the fourth floor of a commercial complex. The lift plying in the building is old & worn out. It often gets stuck and ceases to work and hence, climbing four floors becomes a task. Though we all consider ourselves supremely fit but by the time one reaches the top floor there is complete breathlessness and it takes few seconds before one recovers the lost breath.

Last month the occupants of the building decided to install a new lift. As the whole process would take at least a month or two to complete, everyone in office knew that for some time at least, climbing the stairs each morning is going to be a task.

As the work started there was complete chaos with regard to pollution; both air and noise and the constant disturbance was a hindrance in work.

Coping up with all the personal discomfort, one day while climbing the stairs, I came across a construction worker who was climbing the stairs in a slow pace as he was carrying load of bricks on his head. The guy was bare foot, was wearing tattered half pants and a thin cotton shirt, but in spite of this he was climbing the stairs in total composure. Being under-dressed, all covered with dust and the heavy burden brought no signs of anxiety on his face.

Observing that worker, a thought flashed my mind; we think of our discomfort but how about this construction worker who in spite of the harsh winter, inappropriate clothing and footwear is still climbing the stairs at least fifty times a day along with all the bulky construction material on his head. What a pity, I thought?

Our office is one instance but there are many sights like these that one comes across each day. As a result of a volatile infrastructure sector and primitive methods of construction involving a lot of manual work, there are millions of constructions workers all over the country who work in the similar working conditions. No matter what the weather is; whether it is harsh summers, cold winters or rainy season, these construction workers tirelessly work for their employers, not caring about anything; the dust, the weather or the height they have to climb with loads of bulky materials on their head.

The other part that pains me is that this class of people works for months and years on a site; building houses and other stuff and then move on. In some cases, till the time the work on one site is not over it becomes their home but as soon as the work gets finished, they move on to another site and make that their temporary house. These migrant laborers are the natives of far-off places in different parts of the country and come to the city to earn their livelihood. They make hundred of beautiful houses in their lifetime but all their life do not have one of their own; not even a basic one. Only the makeshift houses that they make on each site are their temporary homes.

Though I never doubt and question the destiny theory but still feel sad for these people who struggle all their life but are never able to acquire a roof over their head. Living away from the families all their life, they remain in hand –to –mouth situation and are never able to improve their living conditions, as along with looking after themselves they also have to take care of their families who live in outlying areas which are deprived and still lack the basic necessities. Sad!

Though the country boasts of development, but the fact is that till today a substantial part of the country still reels in poverty and is deprived of the basics. They are completely cut–off from the progressive world and are totally unaware of the surroundings. These people till today live in such impoverished conditions which is beyond imagination. The situations like these are depressive and we should seriously try to find solutions to them  and end the oppression we are also a part of.