Five lessons we need to learn from Covid-19.
1.There is a Supreme Power that rules the Universe and we are subordinate to His will. However hard we may try or whatever we may plan, but things only happen as per His plans and not ours. Bhagavad Gita confirms that behind the material laws or nature’s laws and behind the growth, maintenance, production, and evolution of all planetary systems -behind everything- is God’s direction.

2.Surrender- The most crucial and superior knowledge that Bhagavad Gita renders is ‘Surrender’-surrender to the will of God and be happy and satisfied in what He disposes. Total surrender can do wonders in our life; it brings us under the shadow of God, who protects us in every situation.

3.Learning to live with basics- Humans all their life run after accumulating endless material things and display that it is almost impossible to live without them, but this pandemic has brought forth the reality- that it is not so difficult to live with just the basics-food, clothing and other things. It is just our foreboding that forces us to be in the mad rush of acquiring more and more and give away our piece of mind in the bargain.

4.Endurance- This pandemic has taught the power of endurance- the power to face the extremities, bear the hardships and be patient in what is brought forth.

5.Harmony- This lockdown has brought harmony in the entire humanity- the harmony of thoughts, the harmony of emotions and the harmony of actions. Today the whole world stands united and all differences based on caste, creed and religion have become meaningless.

Mamta Sehgal

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