Life is a journey where we all are mere travelers walking on different paths. On our odyssey, all of us have to tread good as well as bad paths and there is nobody on this earth who is able to trek on an absolute smooth track throughout his/her life.

Life, thru the ups and downs it shows in its varied paths, teaches every individual various lessons. While some individuals understand the reality and take things as they come to them, there are many, on the other hand who get stressful, even because of the smallest issues.

The intelligent people always remain poised and calm, never take the burden of unnecessary stress and are always cheerful and at peace with them. But, the people who refuse to understand the reality of life are always stressful, irrespective of the situation; official, personal or any other non relevant issue.

Such people are in constant stress as they get into the habit of making issues out of the non-issues too. Leave aside the bigger ones; they get hyper about even the smallest of the matters. They are stressful about travelling & leaving home, about getting late to reach a destination, about things not happening their way and even by the non-availability of the support staff. Instead of managing things coolly they are always hyper no matter what the time and situation is in the life. They are stressed about even the minutest illnesses and start thinking of the extremes in that too. Not only in illness but in every single issue of life they think of the extremes and thus get into the negative mode of thinking. More so, because of the fear of things happening to them, they are always at a denial mode and thus refuse to enjoy their life even when they can very well do it.

By having this kind of thought process such people not only affect themselves but also their immediate relations as it affects their health and leads to an obsessive disorder which becomes a part of their nature and is self deteriorating.

‘All our life we keep saying it’s too early and then one day it becomes too late’, is a famous saying holding such deep meaning. Truly speaking, this is the real thought process of many of us. We keep on delaying things because of our irrelevant fears and then one day we realize it has become too late to accomplish those things.

Life is a celebration and thus should be enjoyed each moment. Things should be taken a little easy and in their stride, because everything will happen as destined and nothing before time. Problems are a part of our life and we have to face them with calmness and restrain, so that they do not disturb our peace of mind. Worrying and getting stressed about the non relevant issues is absurd and we should learn to take things lightly and try to be in peace.

People who remain calm in every situation have a very peaceful appearance and are able to pass thru with ease even the most difficult times of their lives. But people who always live in stress worsen the difficult situations they face and unnecessarily prolong them creating an aura of stress around themselves, which after a certain period starts reflecting in their persona too.

God has left a lot of things in our hands and He makes sure that we have the best of everything, but if in spite of everything if we are adamant to spoil our life than nobody can help us. So, try to take the life easy and enjoy each moment as it comes to you with cheerfulness so that the life for us becomes the bed of roses and not the path of thorns.

Mamta Sehgal.



Each day of our life, we come across and deal with so many different types of people. Some people leave a positive impact and a mark on our life but there are others, who in spite of all our efforts make us feel depressed and lead us to a  state of stressful mind.

The number of positive people in our life are meager and are rare to find. But the list of people who spread negativity and leave us distressed because of their behavior is endless and some of them are an inevitable part of our life.

Such people, because of their self-centered approach, are only concerned about their own well-being and are not bothered about what others want and feel. They are too annoying, as in spite of repeated avowal of their mistakes they never budge from their actions, leaving the other person in a state of dismay.And that is why, how much the other person may try but beyond a point it becomes extremely difficult to keep one’s peace of mind intact while dealing with such people. No matter how balanced one tries to be, the other person is so rigid in his/her actions that it becomes impossible to handle them.

We all know that whether good or bad, every individual is accumulating his/her karmas in whatever actions one does. The persons, who are adamant in their behavior, never realize this and are thus not bothered about their behavior towards others and its resultant karmas.

But the others ,who are the sufferers and the takers of this uncalled for behavior are stuck up but of no fault of theirs .Such people, even after their constant efforts of been non-reactive to the atrocious actions of others, get into situations where they are forced to react, get angry and as a result create bad karmas for themselves. Thus,sadly, the other people’s demeanor creates wrong karmas for them too.

No matter how ideal and perfect we may be but in the end we are humans and are bound to get carried away by annoying situations, get irritated and indulge in acts which add to the bad karmas for us, which we have to repay in this or in our next life.

My question to all and to my inner self is that,` Why should we pay for what others do?’Why should we pay for no fault of ours and face the resultant affect of our forced wrong karmas?’ This constant introspection saddens me and worries me that though we always try to be pragmatic in our approach towards the life events and our conduct towards others, but still, there are forced actions which put us in abominable situations , in which there is no fault of ours and thus we should not be held liable for such acts in either this life or in the future life .

The power above us is always sitting in our heart and knows what we do and feel, so we should never be accredited for any forced wrong doings on our part and not be punished for the fault of others. We should thus, ideally, be held responsible only for our own intentional karmas and not for the one’s which are imposed on us by others.

Mamta Sehgal.





As per Chapter II ,text 70,of Bhagwat Gita-‘A person who is not disturbed by the incessant flow of desires that enters the mind ,like the rivers into the ocean, which is ever being filled, but is always still, can alone achieve peace ,and not the man who strives to satisfy such desires.’

The vast ocean is always filled with water , especially during  the rainy season when the flow of all the rivers into the ocean is at a much larger scale ,but the ocean always remains the same; it flows steadily, it is rarely agitated, never crossing the limits of its brink.

The ocean is beautiful simile for a man fixed in Krishna Consciousness.

As long as one has the material body, the bodily demands for sense gratification will remain but the true devotee of the lord is not disturbed by such desires because of his utmost faith in the Almighty . A Krishna Conscious man is fully satiated because the Lord fulfills all his material necessities. Therefore he is like an ocean, always full in himself/herself. Desires may come to him like the waters of the rivers flowing into the ocean but he is always steady in his activities and is always at peace with himself.

The utmost stabile behavior is the result of his being completely engrossed in the transcendental loving service of the lord. His immense faith and devotion in the Almighty brings in so much of satisfaction that he forgets everything about the sense gratification and is only concerned in satisfying the Lord with his complete devotion .The God on the other hand reciprocates by taking complete care of such a devotee, fulfilling all his needs even without  him asking for them.

On the other hand,a person who is only engrossed in sense enjoyment never attains peace. Though he might have achieved umpteen material successes , but his happiness is superficial and short lived and he is always in the state of anxiousness. He is so self engrossed that he forgets the real purpose of his existence; the service to the Lord and completely fixes himself into the material bondage which results in his complete restlessness.

The lesson which this beautiful text of Bhagwat Gita teaches us is that; as an ocean remains calm and peaceful in all conditions, the human beings too, inspite  of facing all the harsh weathers in their life should remain fully composed, dignified and self assured.But this is only possible when their faith and devotion to the Almighty is unconditional and paramount.

Mamta Sehgal.





‘WHAT MATTERS IS HOW QUICKLY, YOU DO, WHAT YOUR SOUL DIRECTS, a beautiful quote from the famous poet RUMI which is so true that it must be understood and followed by everyone.

We humans, till a substantial period of our life span i.e. the period of our childhood, adolescence and youth, live in our own world, never giving a heed to our acts, our self-centric behaviour and its repercussions. Being too engrossed in the events of the life we are blinded by the illusionary activities and all the unreal things that surround us.

It is only when we reach our middle age that the realism starts to sink in that how we have been till now living a false life which is far away from the truth. And it is then, that we laugh at how all our life we have indulged in irrelevant acts & arguments and deplore our past behaviour.

This is the time when we start understanding the eternal truth of the presence of the Power around, which is responsible for taking care of all of us and is running the complete show. Also, the illusion that it was us who were responsible for the past events of our life fades away and brings forth the real image.

This is a very important stage of every individual’s life, as now; he/she understands the presence of the all powerful soul inside the destructible human body and understands that if intended, the soul can direct an individual at every stage to perform all rightful acts.

This realization surely surfaces for each individual but what truly matters is that how quickly one starts to follow those directions. The truth though is that there are only few amongst the millions who have the actual realization of this fact and who start following the directions given by the soul. Such people without wandering here and there, only follow their heart; the place where the soul resides.

Thus, just realizing the truth is not enough, what actually matters is that how dedicatedly we follow the instructions given by the soul. The task is quite difficult as there is always a tiff between the mind and the soul. There are millions of thoughts that emerge from the mind each second, so filtering those thoughts and coming to the point where we only listen to the directions of the soul is extremely difficult.

But the sooner we do it, the better it is for our real development and the well being.

Mamta Sehgal.



‘RELATIONSHIP’ is an important word which plays a crucial role in every human’s life. Each alphabet in this word has a meaning;R-Real,E-Endless,L-Love,A-Affection,T-Trust,I-Inclination,O-Openness,N-Nurturing,S-Sacrifice,H-Happiness,I-Involvement,P-Pure,S-Sentiments.The word RELATIONSHIP ,thus is an amalgamation of the various emotions that the alphabets in it stand for.

The day a child descends on this earth he is fated with many relationships which happen by virtue of his/her birth in a particular family. And as one grows, the number of relationships too grows and it depends entirely on an individual how well he/she takes care of them.

In olden days, people gave huge importance and respect to every relation they had. They valued each of their relations no matter whether it was a blood relation or not. People had few resources but still knew how to keep all the relationships alive in those resources.

But the present day scenario is different. In spite of having enough resources, even the closest of the relationships have become a burden which people do not want to carry with them. They are happy living their lives in isolation and do not want any interference from anyone. In fact, they try to do things which prevent others from getting closer to them and thus automatically get distanced from everybody.

Everything seems perfect till the time the train of life is running uninterrupted on the designated track, nobody is required as everything seems perfect in the self-demarcated world.

But, one thing that each one of us must never forget is that the track of life is not always smooth. Sometimes, one has to trek on the bumpy and uneven tracks too and it is in these difficult times that the feeling of isolation sinks in and one feels the need of having the dear ones around, who could share the plight one faces .This is the time when they try to look back into their life and relent, but till then, it is too late.

All the above is one side of the story. And, there is a flip side to it too. In our life, there are also some relations which are extremely difficult to handle and are a burden. No matter how much you try, they fail to understand the real feelings and always bring you to a point of stress. The harder you try to run these relations smoothly, the more the other persons make it difficult for you. And thus it is always better to take a back seat in such relations to keep oneself out of the distressed situation.

Relationships, thus should be respected and taken care off with great responsibility. Understanding the meaning of each alphabet and following it is important and should be handled with utmost regard and sincerity to keep them in good spirits. One should never forget that these emotions are given by God only to humans with a reason and it is thus sinful if we are not able to take care of these by not fulfilling our roles and duties as a human.

But sadly, these days’ sincere people who give importance to all these emotions are considered fools. No one understands their feelings, their emotions are never respected but are made fun off and thus they are always in trouble. On the contrary, the people who do not respect other’s emotions are considered perfectly fine and faultless.

Therefore, for a happy life one should try and have real &ideal relationships and should respect  and take care of them so that one doesn’t feel isolated in times of trouble and there is positivity around ,which itself is the cure of a lot of the issues of life.

Mamta Sehgal.



I feel sad, I feel really sad,

I feel sad at the situations surrounding me and all that is happening in the world around me,

I feel sad for what the people world over are going thru,

I feel sad for the elderly not for their age but for their stage,

I feel sad for their suffering and for their dependence,

I feel sad for the crime with the kids in their prime,

I feel sad for the poor as they become poorer,

I feel sad for the constant wars because they leave a lot of scars,

I feel sad for the youth, who have forgotten to live a life of truth,

I feel sad that no one cares for the other’s pain and are only concerned about their gains,

I feel sad how everyone has become inhuman and there is no concern about the fellow humans,

I feel sad, I feel really sad.

Mamta Sehgal.




India has celebrated more than 70 years of Independence. The day for us is a day of great joy as it is the day of our freedom and is celebration for all the Indians. But time & again there is one question which occurs in my mind; are we independent in the true sense? Is there any reason for us to celebrate this freedom?

All these questions really trouble me because in reality there is absolutely no reason to celebrate because till today we are entangled in multifarious issues, which don’t seem to have a solution. The kind of social improvement we should have made after so many years has still not been achieved. We are stuck up in many social menaces like corruption, communalism, atrocities against women & children and many more to count. Though the country has achieved a lot in all these years but all these perils have overshadowed the development.

Till today more than 50% of the country lives in villages where there are still no basic amenities like water, food, sanitation, roads, electricity, education and healthcare. The farmers of the country still reel under the burden of acute poverty and their debts force them to commit suicides. There are many places where people have to walk for 5-6 kms each day to collect water. Each year the country’s many areas face droughts or floods where people lose all the belongings and are forced to start their life from scratch. Millions of people till today live in such awful conditions which are unimaginable and nerve wrecking.

Truly speaking, the poor of the country has become poorer and the rich richer. All these years all that the social structure has done is create a big gap between the two classes of the rich and the poor. So huge is this gap that it is difficult to bridge it now. The poor till today have no access to the facilities that the government provides and they are exploited in every field, whether it is the hospitals or any other government functionaries. The lack of money forces them to stay on roads outside hospitals when their loved ones are ill and many of them lose them since they can’t bear the expenses. It is sad to see the kind of living conditions they are forced to live in. There are many governments who have been in power all these years but they all have just exploited the poor converting their situation from bad to worse.

Along with all this, a lot of deterioration is seen in the basic temperament of people of the country. There is a lot of mistrust among the individuals about the general atmosphere, whether political or social. We have shown to the world that we have done a lot of development in the cities but what is the meaning of this development when we can’t give social security to our girls & women and when we issue directives that the tourists should not wear short garments in the public places.

Leave aside the general perception of the individuals about the political scenario of the country; the social scenario looks bleak too. Everybody is self obsessed having an extremely individualistic approach. People are not concerned even when they see somebody dyeing on the streets , they just cross by without helping the ill fated. There is a great amount of fear, greed & distrust among people and that is why no one is concerned about the sorrows & pains of others.

There were times in the past when there was so much of faith, trust, love & affection amongst people and look at us now; we live in isolation, thinking that it is the best way to live.

The political structure of the country too has lost all the morality. There were times when the leaders were the ideal figures who showed immense dignity in their dealings and acted as an inspiration for the generations, but look at them today there is hardly anybody of that stature and there is a dearth of leaders whose conduct is exemplary. All that one tends to hear and read in the news is corruption, allegation, crime, rapes, deceit and blame game. The media of the country too doesn’t play its part by showing issues of relevance in the news; instead all that is shown is the meaningless news about politics which is not at all solving the problems of millions who are badly affected by the social issues.

The freedom thus seems meaningless. The meaning of freedom will only become true if there is real development in the character of the people and when we are able to clear the society of all the menaces, which though is a little difficult but not impossible. On the personal front too there is a lot which needs to be done. Let’s bring back those times when people did not feel the need to lock their doors. There were so much of love, affection, trust & family values amongst people.

Our ancestors lived with a lot less amenities that we live with today but they were far happier and at peace with themselves. On the other hand, we today, with all the worldly comforts are far less at peace .We must bring those qualities back in each one of us and in the society, so that along with the development that the country experiences we are also able to develop the social character of the country which will bring us the real freedom we all will be really proud off and would want to celebrate.