Life is all about expectations. At each stage of our life we expect things from the people around us. We expect a certain outcome to everything and every situation that life puts us in. We expect things to happen our own way. But most of the time it doesn’t happen the way we want it to be and that puts us into lamentation and solitude.

When it comes to people’s behavior towards us, we expect it to happen in a particular manner, which is suitable just to us, but sadly it never happens. We are put into the many abominable situations because of people and it becomes difficult to handle such situations and thus stress erupts.

What is the solution to this problem that each day brings us to? The easiest way to overcome this problem is to remove all ‘EXPECTATIONS’ and follow the mantra of ‘ACCEPTANCE’.

Whether it is the people, their behavior, or situations, we should stop expecting anything from anyone and should start accepting the way people or situations are. We should accept the fact that we can in no way change the people or their behavior or the situations around us and we have to accept them as they are, and it is only then that we can buy our piece. Always remember, it is the clash between our expectations and acceptance that causes the pain and unrest in our life.

Lets take the example of our personal life. We have our family members, domestic helps, friends, and so many people we meet each day and find each one of them having a peculiar way of conduct and behavior. There are times we do not like the way a particular person behaves or his/her habits. Each day we expect them to behave in an opposite manner but nothing changes. The more we see them and expect them to behave in a specific manner, the more we get irritated. Nothing changes in them but it surely affects us, because of our irritation towards their demeanor. The more we try changing them the more frustrated we become. So the question is that how can we overcome this frustration? The easiest way is to accept things as they are and ignore whatever is happening around us. When we start doing that, our attention is focused on our own acts, rather than the acts people indulge in. It makes life pretty much easier than what we had made it into.

There is another example I would like to mention here. Imagine it’s a pleasant evening and we are sitting in our lawn reading a book of our interest. Few minutes later someone in the neighborhood starts playing loud music, and all our attention is diverted towards that music and starts to irritate us, so much so that we loose all attention from the book and start to think of that music and how we can stop it. The more we think about it, the more annoying it becomes and we instantly loose our peace of mind. So how can we bring ourselves out of this situation? -By acceptance. We have to tune our mind to ignore the music, prevent it from bothering us, and try to concentrate on our read and the pleasant weather that surrounds us. We have to accept the fact that someone is indulging in something they like. The moment we accept this fact, all our annoyance vanishes and the same music sounds soothing to our ears.

Hence think what will you choose-EXPECTATION OR ACCEPTANCE, to make your life peaceful and stress free.

Mamta Sehgal.


Light and darkness are the two most prominent opposites in this world and there were two very close friends who symbolized these two scenarios aptly: The Sun and The cave. The Sun we all know signifies light. The darkness of night fades with the first ray of light and it only takes one single ray of light to illuminate the surroundings. The Cave on the other hand denotes total darkness and probably is unaware of the phenomena called light.

One day the Sun and the Cave got into a conversation. The Sun had trouble understanding what darkness meant and the Cave didn’t equally understand what light & clear meant. So in order to make the other understand the two expressions, they decided to switch places.

The Cave went up to the Sun and was overwhelmed with the brightness of the shining natural light. But at the same time became morose at the kind of condition she lived in and thus invited the Sun to come to her abode. The Sun went down to the Cave and saw no difference. Everything was illuminated with its light and that is why the Sun could not see any darkness in the Cave.

The reason for this is that the Sun took its light along and wherever it went, it became bright and shiny. This incidence signifies that the enlightened ones take their light to wherever they go and illuminate the entire atmosphere with their positivity and cheerfulness. They can never be pushed to darkness because they carry their brightness on their shoulders.

On the other hand, those full of darkness, negativity, fear and doubt, unknowingly become a Cave, which is all dark and shady & sees no light. It’s a hell within and no matter how much knowledge one accumulates, one remains hollow.

It is thus extremely important for us to know the light within and to be illuminated like the Sun, because it is then the darkness of the Cave wouldn’t matter. In spite of being in the worst of situations we will still be able to find our light or blessings somewhere and will be carrying our heaven within us.

Mamta Sehgal.


Human life is extremely precious and every human is meant to undergo austerity to purify one’s existence, otherwise one continues to be in the cycle of birth and death because of contamination by the modes of material nature. The true purpose of human life thus is to purify oneself of this contamination so that we can regain our spiritual form and not undergo this cycle of birth and death. And the recommended process of decontamination is devotional service to the lord. There are various processes for self-realization, such as karma, jnana and yoga but none of them match the process of devotional service. As gold and silver can be freed from all dirty contamination by being put into a fire and not merely being washed, the living entity can too be awakened to his own identity by performing devotional service but not just by karma, jnana or yoga.

The word varnam refers to the luster of one’s original identity. The original luster of gold and silver is brilliant. Similarly, the original luster of the living being, who is part of the sac-cid-ananda-viraha, is the luster of ananda, or pleasure, Anandamayo bhyasat. Every living entity has the right to become anandamaya, joyful, because he is part of the sac-cid-ananda-vigraha, Krsna.

Why should the living entity be put into the tribulation because of dirty contamination by the material modes of nature? The living entity should become purified and regain his svarupa, his original identity & this can only be done by devotional service. Therefore, one should adopt the instructions of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is described as guror guruh, the spiritual master of all other spiritual masters.

So it should be our devoir to take the guidance of the guru or take the direct teachings from the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krsna so that we regain our true identity and go back home, back to Godhead and attain the stage of Anandamaya.

Mamta Sehgal.



WHAT IS IT THAT WE EXPECT FROM OUR LIFE? A question not even a single human being has been able to answer till date.

The fact is that no one of us ever has the clarity of what we require to be happy and contended in our life. We may have everything material required to lead a comfortable life; may it be money, resources, food, clothing or anything required for our well being and comfort but alas even that does not make us happy. We still live in a state of solitude and sorrow. Nothing brings a smile on our face; nothing at all. 

Although we are aware of everything that is happening around us; people struggling with poverty (we see our maids or other helps slogging for a month to receive a salary which we may spend on a single family dinner or on our other luxuries), people fighting dreadful illnesses for years in spite of bad financial conditions, people without jobs fighting everyday with destiny to make sure they can take care of their family, and most important, people leaving the world as a result of untimely deaths.

All these incidences and situations do hit our conscience for a little while and we feel sorry for the one’s facing such problems and feel grateful for our own good state but this lasts for a very short period and sometimes later we are in the same somber state of mind; a situation of melancholy and a sense of forfeit in our own life. The life seems aimless and there’s nothing that brings cheer. In spite of understanding that what we are doing and have caught ourselves into is worthless and absolutely undesirable, we still choose to be in it.

All our lives we keep chasing family goals, sometimes with ease and happiness but sometimes with great stress, but still find satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment after doing it but as soon we are done with all our responsibilities we get into a vacuum and a complete void; a situation seldom explainable but transpires for everyone.

So in nutshell, we are troubled and dejected in both the situations; when we are actually struggling to make a living and fulfill all our social responsibilities and when we are free from them and have all the comforts in life, are in good health and have nothing to worry about.

Although the situation is there in everyone’s life but it’s truly uncalled for. By doing this we display our callousness to the one who’s given us all. Instead of being grateful for all that we possess we become mournful for things that do not exist and are a creation of our own mind. This situation is extremely difficult to handle and all that we can do is to ask for help from the Power above. No medicines or treatments can cure this situation but that eternal Power can surely take care of this. 

Thus, we need to be thoughtful of our behavior and well being and should not ruin it for a reason, unknown to even us.



Five lessons we need to learn from Covid-19.
1.There is a Supreme Power that rules the Universe and we are subordinate to His will. However hard we may try or whatever we may plan, but things only happen as per His plans and not ours. Bhagavad Gita confirms that behind the material laws or nature’s laws and behind the growth, maintenance, production, and evolution of all planetary systems -behind everything- is God’s direction.

2.Surrender- The most crucial and superior knowledge that Bhagavad Gita renders is ‘Surrender’-surrender to the will of God and be happy and satisfied in what He disposes. Total surrender can do wonders in our life; it brings us under the shadow of God, who protects us in every situation.

3.Learning to live with basics- Humans all their life run after accumulating endless material things and display that it is almost impossible to live without them, but this pandemic has brought forth the reality- that it is not so difficult to live with just the basics-food, clothing and other things. It is just our foreboding that forces us to be in the mad rush of acquiring more and more and give away our piece of mind in the bargain.

4.Endurance- This pandemic has taught the power of endurance- the power to face the extremities, bear the hardships and be patient in what is brought forth.

5.Harmony- This lockdown has brought harmony in the entire humanity- the harmony of thoughts, the harmony of emotions and the harmony of actions. Today the whole world stands united and all differences based on caste, creed and religion have become meaningless.

Mamta Sehgal



CoronaVirus or Covid-19 as it is called. What a havoc this minute virus has created; to the extent that even God has shut doors on us. Along with the closure of airports, schools, colleges, marketplaces, travel or any social events even the Temples, Gurudwaras, Churches, Mosques have barred or instructed people from visiting them. What more could we have called for?

What is it that causes such a universal scare? If we still can’t understand the source of such a disaster and still consider ourselves the doer of everything then there cannot be a bigger fool than us. We must reckon with the fact that there is a Universal force that runs the entire humanity and if He wants He can vanquish everything in a fraction of a second. So instead of just calling it a virus spread we must comprehend that there is a force behind it and human acts are the reason, which have caused it.

Nature or the eternal force keeps giving us warnings of our wrong acts but we oversee them and keep committing blunders and misuse what we have been given. There is so much hatred, competitiveness, jealousy, and avarice, one-up ship, self-centeredness amongst the human race that we have forgotten to live a life of a ideal human. We are a part of the mad rush that has made us entrapped in the material modes of ignorance and passion, taking us far away from the mode of goodness, the only one, which can help us fulfill the purpose of life; which is to have the understanding of who, what and why we are.

All that we are witnessing today is because we have stopped behaving like the most superior beings that God had created and have been behaving whimsically, bereaved of all human values; of love, empathy and compassion, having lost all family and social values and all we are busy doing is accumulating just for ourselves, without being considerate about the needs of others as well. And look at what the Supreme power ultimately had to do, to bring us back to sanity. Today the whole world is living a disciplined life, which is bereft of madness and unreasonable acts.

We must understand the ways of God; along with all other things, He even had to close doors on his devotees. The reason, there is a dearth of real devotees in today’s world, which have lost faith in them or in their inner self and are foolishly running after the mirage; which does not exists. We indulge ourselves in all kinds of fruitless religious activities, are after the self-proclaimed Godman or the Gurus, who are unaware of their own future but behave like Gods for the foolish breed. And we become so blinded by this that we become the followers of such cult, completely forgetting that everything is inside us and we can get all the answers from within without wandering in ten different directions. But alas we choose to become the part of the cattle crowd who wanders directionless, only where the master takes them.

The situation around us is a testimony of the presence of the Divine force, only that runs the whole world, and if He wants, He can annihilate the entire human race in a second. We don’t need to see the physical form of that source; it makes its presence pretty evident.

It’s time we understand that we are nobody in this entire creation. We are no one to create emypires or build palatial houses, create huge industries and be proud of them. There is only one force that does all and He just makes us a via media to fulfill His plans and all happens because He wants it to happen and the day He wants things to stop He does it with one stroke of a air. Everything comes to a standstill; the life stops, the employment stops, scarcity happen and people are forced to live in isolation.

Lets stop misusing the powers we have been enthroned upon, lets not misuse the nature’s bounty and lets not force God to take such strict measures against the human race to bring them back to sanity. We are here for a purpose; to understand God, to know our inner self, which is the presence of God, to live an ideal life where we respect all and understand the vows of others before ourselves and live like a real human which Gods wants us to be.

Few days back, all that newspapers talked about was violence, hatred, terrorist attacks, rapes, religious discourses, wherein one religion was downgraded by the other but where has all that gone. All we talk about today is coronavirus. The virus has united the whole world in terms of the thoughts, actions, and behavior. And that is what The Supreme Force wanted. So let’s learn from our mistakes that we have been committing, ask for repentance and lets pledge to become an ideal human God wants us to be and put an end to the disaster that we are witnessing and which may vanquish a substantial human race.

Mamta Sehgal.


Durvasa muni was a powerful mystic brahmana determined to observe the principles of religion with great vows and under strict austerities. His name is associated with many historical events, and it appears that the great mystic could be both easily satisfied and easily annoyed. When he was satisfied, he could do tremendous good to the servitor, but if he was dissatisfied he could bring about the greatest calamity.

He had about 10,000 disciples and wherever he visited he was accompanied by all his disciples. Once he visited the house of Duryodhana, the enemy cousin of Yudhisthira. Duryodhana was intelligent enough to satisfy the brahamana’s by all means, and the great Rsi wanted to give him some benediction. Duryodhana knew his mystic powers and also knew that if brahama is dissatisfied he could cause havoc and thus he designed to engage the brahamna to show his wrath upon his enemy cousins, the Pandavas. Thus when Rsi wanted to award him some benediction the latter wished that he should visit the house of Maharaja Yudhisthira, who was the eldest and chief among all his cousins. He knew that by his request he would go to him after he had finished his meals with his queen Draupadi and it would be impossible for Maharaja Yudhisthira to receive such a large number of brahmana guests and thus the Rsi would be annoyed and would create some trouble for his cousin, Maharaja Yudhisthira. Muni agreed to his proposal and approached the King in exile after they had finished their meals.

On his arrival the Muni was greeted with respect and was asked to freshen themselves till the time the food will be prepared. Rsi went for bath but leaving the King in great anxiety. He knew that till the time Draupadi hadn’t eaten, any number of guest can be served but as per Duryodhana plans they all reached after Draupadi had finished her meals.

When the devotees are out into difficulty they have an opportunity to recollect the lord with rapt attention, so Draupadi started thinking of Lord Krishna and all-pervading Lord could at once know the dangerous position of His devotees. He therefore came there on the scene and asked draupadi to give whatever food she might have in her stock. On her being so requested by the Lord, Draupadi was sorrowful because the Supreme Lord asked her for some food and she was unable to supply it at that time. She said to the Lord that the mysterious dish which she had received from the Sun god could supply any amount of food if she herself had not eaten but on that day she had already taken her meals and they were in danger. By expressing her difficulties she began to cry before the Lord as any women in her position would do. The Lord however asked Draupadi to bring up the cooking pot to see if there was any particle of vegetable sticking to the pot, the Lord at once picked up one and ate it. After doing so, the Lord asked Draupadi to call for her guests, the company of Durvasa.

Bhishma was sent to call for them from the river. Bhishma said,’why are you delaying sirs? Come on, the food is ready for you.’ But the brahmanas because of Lord Krishna’s accepting a little particle of food, felt sumptuously fed even while they were in the water. They thought that since Maharaja Yudhisthira must have prepared many valuable dishes for them and since they were not hungry and could not eat, the King would feel very sorry, so it was better not to go there. Thus they decided to go away.

The incident proves that the Lord is the greatest mystic and therefore he is known as Yogeshwara. Another instruction is that every householder must offer food to the Lord and the result will be that everyone even a company of guests numbering ten thousand will be satisfied because of Lord’s being satisfied. That is the way of devotional service and the unflinching faith in GOD.

Mamta Sehgal.


1.Joy Story Foundation helps a PPRP (Post Polio Residual Paralysis) patient with a Caliper to assist him in leading a normal life.

Name: JAGBIR, Age: 29yrs     Location: Akbarpur,  Behrampur, Ghaziabad, INDIA.

Livelihood Challenge

Jagbir, a PPRP patient since birth, has been living with 75% disability. His knee turns inwards while he tries to walk and the waist too bends in a extremely awkward manner and hence it is difficult for him to walk even for a few minutes. He has studied till class 10th, has ailing old parents and lives with his brother. The disability is a hindrance in employment and thus he is fully dependent on his brother for livelihood.

How Joy Story extended help

Jagbir had great difficulty in walking for even a short distance and hence was not able to do much work independently. The family’s poor financial condition forced him to live like this till the age of 29 yrs, until Joy Story Foundation assisted him with the Caliper support .


The caliper will help him walk with ease with more energy efficient gait. This will further help him in gaining employment, become independent in life and look after his old ailing parents with ease.


Name: Preeti, Age: 23yrs, Location: Khera Dabar Village, South West Delhi. INDIA.            

Livelihood Challenge

Preeti lives with three siblings and her grandmother, lost both her parents early in life. She was married at the age of 19yrs and was divorced when she was just 22 yrs. Grandmother is a housemaid and takes care of the kids.

How Joy Story extended help

Preeti wanted to support her family and take the burden away from her grandmother’s shoulder. She wanted to pursue a six months Emergency Medical Technician course but didn’t have the financial capacity to do it. JOY STORY FOUNDATION came across her sad story and decided to make her financially able by sponsoring her course fee at VIVO Healthcare Institute, a NSDC, GOI and Skill India approved centre.


In six months Preeti will gain employment worth INR 10,000/-14,000/- and will support her family and assist her siblings in their education. She will live a respectable life and will be self-reliant.


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We are a platform for Collective Philanthropy and would be happy to get the support from all quarters in order to fulfil our mission to spread JOY.


What does it take to bring ”JOYS” in the lives of others. Nothing much! It just calls for an intent to help others and the rest follows.

When we understand the woes of others, besides the ones we unnecessarily consider to be ours.When we start understanding what goes thru in the lives of many unfortunates, the hardships they have to face and how they just manage to make their ends meet. When we genuinely feel for the sorrows others have to fight and start realizing how blessed we are, the intent to help others automatically surfaces.

Till the time we are oblivious to the happenings around us and are only concerned about just our own well-being, we will never be able to understand the troubles other face in their lives. Thus the most important trait of being an ideal human is to keep the pain of others before our owns, to understand the need of others and to make a constant effort of helping others in whatever way possible.

A famous quote from RUMI says,”When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a ‘JOY’.

How true this quote is! When we make a genuine attempt to help others in need and take a resolve to improve their lives, then we are given many chances to fulfill our thoughts and they surely bring a bounty of happiness in our own lives.

JOY STORY FOUNDATION gives you many such causes and assists you in giving shape to your thoughts, helping you to become a better human being in all respects and most importantly it brings back the Joys that you aim to bring in the lives of others to your own life. It is a genuine attempt to bring Joy in the life of others.

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In this era that we are living in, there is an ardent need for trust, faith, sanity and peace amongst all humans; no matter what caste, creed, status or religion they belong to. There is only one GOD and it is us who have given HIM different names and forms.
The mysticism of RUMI’s poetry brings us closer to this truth we all must be aware of.#ROOHERUMI
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