Thank you so much #VeenaBaldotaji for such beautiful words for #THEPERENNIALJOURNEY…truly delighted.

Hi Mamta, Jai Shri Krishna. I just completed reading your book ‘ The Perennial Journey ‘. This is the first time I read a spiritual book. Loved reading it. As I am a staunch believer of Lord Krishna and visit Iskcon temple in Pune, could relate to this book easily.Reading this book boosted my faith and consciousness towards the Lord all the more.The free flowing simple vocabulary made the matter more understandable. The 4 sections with short chapters, made reading more interesting.You have done a brilliant job. Looking forward to the release of your second book.With lots of love and regards, Veena.




Humans have an inherent quality of being hugely conscious of their physical appearance. We continuously worry about our external attributes and become depressed when there is an advent of change in them.

We are anxious when we gain weight or  witness flabby layers on our body, in spite of all the efforts we have been doing to prevent it. We sulk when our skin starts sagging, irrespective of all the time, money & care we devote to it. We worry when signs of ageing start emerging on our overall appearance.

However, from past few days there have been some reoccurring thoughts flashing my mind; what is the use of worrying so much for the things that are beyond our control and is pointless to think about an issue which is a natural progression and is universal. The only thing possible is to keep ourselves on a maintenance mode and prevent anything drastic to happen because beyond that there is nothing that can be done.

However, the most crucial thing that needs to be understood is that it’s okay to age, it’s okay to have a sagging skin, it’s okay to have blemishes, it’s okay to have not so good hair, it’s okay to have a bad complexion, it’s okay to gain weight if it is beyond our control and it’s okay to experience many more things that happen to us as we age. All these changes are inevitable and are a part of the natural growth but we tirelessly try to elude them.

We draw meaningless comparisons with others and attempt to match them. But, rightfully, we all must understand that each individual is different and should accept that it is perfectly all right if with growing age we start seeing flaws in our appearance and hence should not worry or sulk about it. All that we can do is to preserve what is left, but there too it is needless to overdo, i.e. spending thousands on various senseless treatments and medicines .No therapist can reverse the graph of our growth or ageing .It is a mere misconception that treatments can prevent ageing; the maximum they can do is to hide the real picture.

We should learn to take things in their stride and should not over think about them. We should accept all our physical changes gracefully and try to live with them happily. Over-thinking about them will worsen the situation ;as stress we all know has an adverse effect on the body.

If we evaluate, the biggest cause of this anxiety is the glamour that we see around us; on social media, both print & electronics and in films and the problem begins when we try to imitate that. What we must understand is that what we see is an artificial picture of the actual reality. It is only for the glamour world and in reality even these people; who make huge efforts to hide their real picture, have a second face, which in realism is at times shocking to see.

So, no matter how much money you have, no matter whether you have an access to the best treatments, cosmetics & therapies, ageing will still happen. The physical changes will surely happen and nobody can escape them. If money could buy youth, beauty and perfect physical appearance than the Queen of England or many other powerful and famous celebrities  would have stayed young forever but all of them have been ageing gracefully with each passing year. There are many examples of the rich and wealthy  who are role models for everyone but who too cannot prevent the cycle of life and are unable to remain in their youth forever.

Hence, it is perfectly alright to experience various physical changes at various life stages. It is all right to gain weight, to age and experience the physical transition. One should experience everything gracefully and there is absolutely no reason to be ashamed of and of emulating others.

So, the crux is;it is okay to lose the beauty that we had adorned in our youth, it happens to every living being.

Mamta Sehgal



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Thank you Harish Motwani for such a lovely review and coming from you makes it all the more special.
Must read if you haven’t read any spiritual text earlier…

This book is so simply put forward in words, that you relate to the subject instantly from the word go. The easy reading attribute of the book extracts the best from the spiritual literature of The Bhagavad Gita and helps to serve the reader in a relatable manner. And that certainly adds to the stickiness to the subject. It goes on to further thin the line between what was written ages back and the life that we live today. The writing style is broken into mini chapters which assists the reader to break the monotony of a long read (which otherwise gets cumbersome at times while reading such genre) and so beautifully derives the essence it strives to convey. The author tries to give a peep into her life and experiences at various instances during the narrative and you realize that it makes the interpretation reasonably easy for otherwise complex elements of the scripture. Do read this book especially so if you haven’t read the spiritual texts and yet are keen to explore what they are about. This book gives you a peek into it very effectively. Take a shot.

Like above the `THE PERENNIAL JOURNEY’ has got admirable reviews from all its readers.
Order your copy now from Amazon or Flipkart,( case you still haven’t got the chance to access it.



All human beings are acquainted with thousands of people in their life; many of whom are a good influence and plenty who are a bad influence. It is thus entirely a personal choice as to what kind of association one wishes to be in.

I too, like everybody else, have come across people of both kinds in my life; people who are positive, clear-hearted and have a good influence on everyone they meet and also the ones who are negative, double –faced and who put everyone they meet into extreme stress.

People who have a positive outlook are excellent teachers and are an inspiration for others. Whether a direct or an indirect association, they are a good force to reckon with. Their positivity has a far reaching effect and they bring about a happiness quotient in the life of people they associate with.

Such people with their genuineness, rightful attitude, faith, positivity and far-sightedness leave a mark on each individual they meet. They assist people in understanding the realities of life and in selecting the right path, which will lead them to dharma, good karma and finally to deliverance from cycle of birth and death. After meeting such people, an individual’s whole persona changes as one realizes that it is worthless to live without the rightful awareness; that to achieve something in life, the correct & relevant knowledge is a must and there is a lot to learn and understand.

On the other hand, people with a negative perspective are depressed souls who are devoid of faith, have a pessimistic persona about everything in life and thus spread adverse energies wherever they go. The truth of the presence of God within each living being is beyond their imagination and they have their own egoist view about everything. Thus, if one wishes to be in a positive frame of mind and live a worthy life than it is advisable to be at a distance from such people.

There are many instances in life, when we do not understand the real nature of the people around us, when we meet them initially. Time and again, we get into their trap and keep making a fool of ourselves. But there comes a point in life when we realize their true picture and the damage they have caused. In the beginning such people seem cordial and ideal to deal with, but as we understand their real nature and the thought-process, we understand that our innocence was being misused. We are shocked to understand the reality behind their actual demeanor and consider getting trapped our own weakness. There are many double-faced people that we come across each day and the knowledge of their real picture is a big shocker for us. What we must understand is that such people can put us in stress and can inflict an irreparable damage to our persona, so understanding their reality and protecting ourselves from any further damage is extremely crucial. And what is also important is the future selection of people we choose to be with in life.

It might seem rude but as we grow up, we must possess the courage and the ability to demark and select the kind of people we want to be with. The number might be low but the chosen one’s will be an asset in our life and will assist us in reaching the real goals of life and will not entangle us in wasteful activities which will lead us nowhere .

Mamta Sehgal.



Thanks once again Rajneesh Wadhwa for such extraordinary reassuring words.

——–THE PERENNIAL JOURNEY is the gold standard of ‘enlightened’ writing in India. A masterpiece which highlights that what you know to be correct may not be received the same way by anyone else. It would be like trying to explain to, two and too, to a two year old. You can explain it anyway you desire. Yet, the child does not have the maturity to understand it. The truth has not changed. It is constant. What must change is the perceiver. That would be you and me and all of humanity. Our personal journey towards attainment is personal. It is one all of us will make at some time. Have a wonderful PERENNIAL JOURNEY, Mamta!——-By Rajneesh Wadhwa.

`THE PERENNIAL JOURNEY’ has got admirable love from all its readers.Order your copy now from Amazon or Flipkart,( & case you still haven’t got the chance to access it.


Enlightenment is a tricky word. It means different things to different people. For some, it’s the path that leads to the summit of spiritual attainment. Others think it’s complete and utter baloney. Still others see it simply as a state of consciousness. Whatever the case may be, the tricky part of enlightenment lies within the word itself. Its definition lacks the universal (or objective) notion of what enlightenment actually is, hence the confusion.

You have captured all these aspects very aptly. It’s a beautiful journey that you’ve captured and it’s for the reader to appreciate that answers to existence arise from intense spiritual labour that acts as a catalyst for inner transformation. One will not find them by sitting in the lotus position and gazing into an abyss for hours. Enlightenment demands a more holistic approach towards being; specifically, a thorough yet balanced management of work, study and rest. Every aspect of your life counts. Every minute and every second is a contribution to the whole.

In several ways you have touched misconceptions about the idea of enlightenment by highlighting that the true purpose of self-reflection is to correct our mistaken thoughts and actions, and learn from them, thereby creating a more constructive life. Self-reflection is not just the simple act of discovering past mistakes and making up for these mistakes, like resetting a negative to zero.


PERENNIAL JOURNEY has found way to my all time favourites!