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Today, I went to an electricity office for submitting some papers. As I was undertaking the process, an elderly man came into the room and expressed his interest to talk to the lady who was processing our papers.

The man must have been 80years or plus and looked absolutely disoriented. Sweating profusely, his clothes were all messed up and he looked totally worn out. He had a bag hanging on his neck and his hands were shaking badly. He requested the lady-in-charge to help him and she readily agreed and started listening to his problem patiently.

The man explained that he had mistakenly paid someone else’s electricity bill and is now clueless as to how the same can be reversed. After hearing his story, the lady asked him few things but he was unable to explain anything and just kept mumbling .After spending few minutes with him, the lady smiled and asked the old man to go back and show the bill to his children. The man replied that he didn’t have any children living with him and lives alone with his wife. Hearing this, the lady requested him to take the bill to his wife. Disappointed, the man started murmuring and kept flashing the bill with his shaking hands.

Watching the entire episode, I was extremely disturbed. Seeing the condition of the man and listening to him, I thought the lady was making fun of him and she didn’t want to help him, so I intervened and with a helping gesture asked the man to check the address on the bill. The man turned to me and started showing me the papers and I offered to help .Seeing this, the lady gestured that the man was mentally disturbed and that was when I  realized her reason to act in that manner. Understanding the reality, I too requested him to go back and show the papers to his wife and disappointed, he went away.

After he left the lady told us that the man was the employee of the same organization, he was retired now and had some mental issues. He regularly indulges in things like these ,where he unknowingly pays other people’s bills and then comes to  her for help. He wanders here and there and his wife has to chase him back. The whole episode perturbed me.

I started contemplating that how the tables turn in life.

A person is hale and hearty in his young days, works hard all his life to look after the family, but then as the age grips; he loses control on his senses and becomes redundant. This elderly man worked for forty years in the organization, getting the respect of all his colleagues and then he retires and gets physical disorders and walks in the same office, to be made fun off. Disheartening,I thought.

The incidence had a deep impact on my conscience and I prayed to God that no one should get into such a situation at the fag end of their life. One should be here on this earth till the time their mental and physical conditions are okay, because otherwise the life is painful and worthless.

Mamta Sehgal.



I am a morning person and follow a strict yoga regime each day.

Last year it so happened that during the yoga session, the wires outside caught my attention and I saw something growing on them. It was a natural growth that gradually twirled on the wires that travelled from one wall to another. I keenly observed the development and could see it growing each day and as days passed I saw all the wires being miraculously draped by these natural wonders called creepers.

After all the wires were blanketed by these amazing creations, I saw fascinating green leaves growing on them and in a month’s time, all the stems were completely covered with heart shaped lush green leaves, travelling from one side to another. It seemed that someone had painted the atmosphere with these lovely creepers in different shades of green which swirled with the wind.

And then out of nowhere came a bunch of lovely birds happily sitting on this green cover; joyfully chit-chatting with each other. It seemed they loved the lush green atmosphere and enjoyed swinging on the creepers. Hence, in a short period, this natural phenomenon brought such an unexplained cheerfulness to the environment.

Although a month later, I saw a new development; first the leaves started changing their color from lush green to dull brown, then their size reduced and then gradually, each day they started falling and finally after three months the wires turned barren; the leaves gone and only the creepers stayed but their color too turned into an earthy pale. The green cover disappeared in front of my eyes and even the birds stopped visiting the place. All the chirpiness as well the beauty vanished in front of my eyes and the whole atmosphere looked desolate and left me in a state of melancholy.

However, two days back I was overwhelmed; I could see the signs of the similar activity that I had witnessed last year. I was astonished to see the whole process been repeated in front of my eyes, one more time. It all started with the constant chirping of the birds and when I tried to find out the reason for the noise, my eyes moved to the wires and I was amazed to see the stems turning green again and the leaves growing on them. Now each day I notice few new leaves adorning the wires and feel ecstatic; witnessing the complete process of the beginning and the end of life.

Observing such natural phenomena with the naked eyes is truly magical. It brings in the realization of the presence of a divine force and how it creates every single thing in this universe. I observed this natural process last year and was extremely happy that I saw it once again.

Mamta Sehgal



How very true the above saying is! Each day we wish for millions of things in our life and whatever we wish for, the same is fulfilled by God. Whatever thoughts we carry each moment of the day, God puts us in those situations and surroundings and helps us to give shape to our thoughts. If babbling and indulging in meaningless conversations is our only food for thought, then God puts us in the company of such people or in such situations that we are able to fructify those thoughts by engrossing ourselves in senseless discussions about the most irrelevant issues in life.

On the other hand, if we wish to spend our valuable life time in meaningful activities than God surely creates an environment which is conducive to do so. HE puts us in the company of such people, where we only indulge in worthwhile activities and there is no room for anything irrelevant. In short, whatever way we intend to live our life, God facilitates the same for us.

Ideally, to live a simple and sorted life we shouldn’t be bothered by what others say or think and should be only concerned about our own conduct and peace of mind. Such should be the extent of our contentment that we should be only concerned of our acts and should be least interested in what others do in their life.

But the truth is that most of us are in a habit of grieving about the endless self-created problems and situations we get into, but are unappreciative for the unlimited things that we are bequeathed with. In spite of been in good health, we feel that we are in a bad shape and preempt that our health is going to further deteriorate and there will be no recovery thereafter. We  complain and worry about the extreme hypothetical situations in life  and God gives shape to all these thoughts; HE puts us in such conditions, makes us immobile and hence, does nothing more than fulfilling our wishes. When we constantly think about the immobility ,than HE makes us immobile ,but if in spite of  some major disorder we intend and try to be self-dependent, than God surely gives us the strength to be on our own.

If in spite of possessing everything we are always complaining and are averse to good things in life, than we will be put into situations and environment like that. But if we wish to explore different creations of God, are positive and want to lead a vibrant life than God makes sure that we experience all those things in life.

So, in reality it is purely our thoughts that are fulfilled by God and we only receive what we wish for in our life. But what is worrisome is that we only wish for wrong things and get the same. Contrary to what we contemplate, the Almighty has no hand in putting us in difficult situations and it is surely our own thoughts that bring us into such adverse circumstances.


Mamta Sehgal.